Camila Cabello at the heart of a controversy racist, she apologizes

Camila Cabello au coeur d'une polémique raciste, elle s'excuse

Camila Cabello racist ? Old messages create the controversy, she apologizes

On Twitter, a user brings up old messages from Camila Cabello. Of texts deemed to be racist and xenophobic, which quickly created a bad buzz. In the Face of the controversy, the singer of Senorita apologized. The girlfriend of Shawn Mendes clarified that, at the time, she was too young and did not realize what she was saying.

Camila Cabello accused of racism

A user has posted messages on Twitter that Camila Cabello had written on her old Tumblr (you-etess-belle). The sweetheart of Shawn Mendes met with the “N” word and would have “reposted this GIF extremely racist stereotype of a child afro-american”. There is a small boy of colour very happy to see the chicken. Which led to him being accused of racism by the tweeters.

The one who confessed to no longer be in contact with the Fifth Harmony has also been accused of xenophobia. The same person has indeed came up with a Google search in which one can read “Why do asians speak the language ching chong”. A huge bad buzz that does not stop to do the talking !

She apologizes in a long message

Due to many web users shocked by his former messages, Camila Cabello has finally react to the big controversy by apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry from the deepest of my heart,” said the singer of Havana, Liar , or Señorita in a tweet, accompanied by a screenshot of a long text. “When I was younger, I used to use a language which I am really ashamed of today and that I will regret it always,” she confided.

“I was not educated on these subjects, and I didn’t know what I was saying. Once I became aware of the history and the weight of words and their true meaning behind this horrible language, I was deeply embarrassed to have used” also said Camila Cabello, “I was then excused at the time and I apologize now” because “I never will hurt someone intentionally and I regret it (these older posts, editor’s note) from the depths of my heart”.

Conscious of his mistakes and wanting to catch up, the star of the song, which is part of the winners of the NMA 2019 added : “I can’t go back and change the things that I said in the past. (…) But once we know better, we do better”. “I’m 22 years old now, I grew up, I became an adult and I’ve learned,” she assured, “these errors do not represent the person I am”.

Camila Cabello also pointed out that since always, it is “against injustice and inequality,” and “for the love” and “inclusion”. “My heart has no hatred or envy to divide, even at the time,” she said, “the truth is that I did not know and had no consciousness whatever of it all”.

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