Camila Cabello is going to become Cinderella for a new film in preparation

Camila Cabello va devenir Cendrillon pour un nouveau film en préparation

Cinderella : a new film worn by Camila Cabello in preparation

After dance all over the world with “Camila”, his first solo album, Camila Cabello, is about to embark on a new challenge. The program this time ? A first role in the cinema through a re-adaptation of Cinderella.

While everyone is amazed by the new trailer for the Lion King in live-action, another major project is preparing behind the scenes. According to sources of Variety, this is the story of Cinderella, which will soon have the right to a new film adaptation.

A musical version different

Little information on this project are currently known, but we already know that history will not repeat one of the cult animated film from 1950, but to inspire more in-depth of the original tale. The reason for this ? This is not Disney who is in charge of the production (the studio is in is already loaded in 2015 with Lily James in the title role), but Sony Pictures and Fulwell73 – company of James Corden and Leo Pearlman.

Side casting, Kay Cannon (the screenwriter behind Pitch Perfect) will be the writing and direction, while the talented singer Camila Cabello will be slid in the most famous shoes in cinema. A choice that is obviously not insignificant because it will enable the artist we put full eyes and ears during the many musical numbers never seen before.


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