Camila Cabello is the plays retro in the video for “My Oh My”

Camila Cabello is the plays retro in the video for “My Oh My”

Camila Cabello goes retro in the video for My Oh My, new extract of her album “Romance”. Tired of not having that role of nice girl to the cinema, the singer is determined to play the rebels and to prove that she can be badass. The interpreter of Havana then passes to the action with the rapper DaBaby.

More than a year and a half after the release of “Camila”, his first album, Camila Cabello has made his return with his second album, “Romance”, which included the songs Liar, Senorita in feat with Shawn Mendes, Shameless, Living Proof, and My Oh My with the rapper DaBaby. It is this sound that the ex-member of Fifth Harmony was chosen as the new extract of his project studio… and who says new excerpt, a new clip !

Camila Cabello reveals the music video for My Oh My

Camila Cabello makes us travel back in time and bringing us back to the retro era of the 50’s in the clip of My Oh My. It is discovered in the skin of a hollywood actress is tired of playing roles of victims and nice girls. All she wants is to fight and become a badass.

The interpreter of the Consequences of the meeting of DaBaby which will help him to rebel. A job successfully for the rapper as one can see at the end of the clip My Oh My. Finished the wig and the dresses all cute, hello the with the red suit and the sword !

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