Camille Combal harassed by the paparazzi : “All this for me to photograph with my darling”

Camille Combal harcelé par les paparazzis : "Tout ça pour me photographier avec ma chérie"

Camille Combal harassed by the paparazzi, his rant

It is EVERYWHERE on TF1 ! Camille Combal has been a year in 2019, very busy with the animation for many tv shows, in addition to Virgin Tonic on the radio. However, the facilitator remains very discrete on its life of couple. In love with a certain Mary, Camille Combal just push a blow of mouth against the paparazzi who want to be photographed with the one that makes his heart beat.

No, Camille Combal is not a heart to take. In a relationship for several years with Marie, the presenter of TF1 does not wish to, however, not speak in detail about her love life and even less to show the face of his sweetheart. However, this does not prevent some photographers will do everything possible to obtain a snapshot of the couple.

“Maybe we should ask her if she wants to appear in their magazines”

One thing that Camille Combal does not support. Interviewed by Le Parisien on its reputation, one that was at the head of Mask Singer has denounced the attitude “weighinge” of the paparazzi. “On the weekend, it is in permanence.” has he entrusted to you. And to add : “All this for me to photograph with my sweetheart. But maybe we should ask him, to her, if she wishes to appear in their magazines. She did not want to be reduced to that and she has a good reason !“.

Especially because, far from the glitz, Camille Combal leads a life more simple. “I love my life, but it is ordinary to die for ! We go out with my wife to walk our dog at the Bois de Boulogne. Sometimes, we brunche with friends. I never see someone you know. (…) The paparazzi should get bored to die following me. My objective secret is to have the trouble !” loose the host.

“People are hypercool”

If there’s one thing that Camille Combal like it, it is the support of the people that he may cross in the street. “With me, people are hypercool. They are very familiar, it is awesome!!! (…) I never forget that everything that happens to me it is thanks to them, to their loyalty. If I can keep this link-there for a long time, I would be super happy.” entrust the star of TF1.

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