Camille Lou : 5 things to know about the star of the Bazaar of charity

Camille Lou : 5 choses à savoir sur la star du Bazar de la charité

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Camille Lou alias Alice Jeansin in The Bazaar of love : the 5 things you should know about the actress and singer

The Bazaar of charity on this Monday 18 November 2019 on TF1 with, among others, Audrey Fleurot et Camille Lou. But do you really know of the former candidate for Dancing with the stars 7 ? Check out 5 things you never knew may not be on the actress and singer, notably in The bracelets red.

She cried during the filming

On Monday 18 November 2019 is released the new series of TF1 in The Bazaar of the charity, with Audrey Fleurot et Camille Lou. This last embodies Alice’s Jeansin. A shoot that was difficult for the one who played in The bracelets red.

Why ? Because the scene of the fire, filmed in studio, was particularly enjoyable, with real flames. “It was a very strong moment for Julie de Bona and me, even if everything was very well secured with the fire brigade on site. In spite of everything, it was very impressive to find yourself in the middle of the flames,” she confided to LCI, “For some scenes, we could not run more than 30 seconds because it felt like the skin was itchy. A firefighter explained to me that when the fire is so big, there is no need to be near the flames to ignite”.

A time has even been crying Camille Lou, since it is based on a true story. She has confessed to Tv Recreation : “It was overwhelming. I really cried. Sometimes, I couldn’t manage to stop me. It may be cliché. But it happened, and it upset me to know that people had lived it”.

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The star wants to quit his musical career

In addition to being an actress, Camille Lou is a singer. She has played in musicals such as 1789, les amants de la Bastille and The legend of King Arthur and has even released albums (The great adventure and Love me baby, the times of Sheila. However, the artist no longer wants to sing and prefers to focus on the acting. “Yes, I wanted to stop the music,” she announced to TV Mag Le Figaro, “I left my label, I did a total void. I hadn’t found in my latest projects. For example, I released in 2017, an album of covers, I did not know too much where I was at musically. Today, I find my happiness in the comedy, I do not want to disperse. If I take a day the song, this will be a craving that will come really from me”.

It has been 10 years of riding

Outside of her passions since a child for the dancing and the singing (his father belonged to the same group), it has another hobby : horseback riding. Camille Lou has practiced this sport for 10 years. A plus for The Bazaar of charity, series of time. However, the star has ensured that the Voice of The North and Alexandre Laurent, the director, “didn’t know” that she rode a horse. “I had not thought to tell. They sent me to take a couple of lessons but when they saw that I rode like that, they have added scenes…” she explained, “arrival at the canter, for example. It was really great. Also, I talked to my coach horse in Maubeuge, Bernard, that we attend again !”.

Camille Lou : 5 choses à savoir sur la star du Bazar de la charité

Camille Lou : 5 things to know about the star of the Bazaar of charity

Her classmates laughed at her

Student studious and passionate about singing, Camille Lou has been mocked by his former comrades. She was first in her class in spite of the castings had even got a nickname little sympathetic : “Dust”. As detailed in Paris Match, it is because his family name is Houssière. So, for the scene, she quickly changed her identity with a pseudonym. Camille Houssière, becomes Camille Lou. “With hindsight, I think that it would have been a nice contrast to keep my name,” she regretted.

It is still in a relationship with Gabriele Beddoni

It has been over three years that she shared the life of Gabriele Beddoni. Already at the time when she was the dance partner of Anthony Colette in Dancing with the stars 7, Camille Lou went out with the dancer in Italian. Together despite the language barrier (at the beginning) and the distance between them, and they now form a family with Nuts, the beloved dog of one which will soon be the poster of a film with Gérard Jugnot.

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