Camille Lou-critical Dancing with the stars : “We believe that one knows to dance, but…”

Camille Lou critique Danse avec les stars : "On fait croire qu'on sait danser mais..."

Camille Lou (The Bazaar of Charity) : she confides on Dancing with the stars 7 and balance that “it is a show”

The one that embodies Alice in The Bazaar of the Charity on TF1 showed more than ever his talents as an actress. And before that, Camille Lou had also made his mark with the singing and dancing in his young career already full. The artist is back on one of the key moments of his career : his participation in Dancing with the stars 7. The finalist of the show has revealed that for her, this was not the real dance.

Camille Lou : Dancing with the stars 7 ? “It is a show”

Already, in The bracelets red, Camille Lou had amazed the viewers with his talent of acting. A feat repeated in The Bazaar of the Charity on TF1 always, series of time, in which she plays the role of Alice Jeansin. Interviewed by Le Figaro on its journey, one that began in the musicals (1789, les amants de la Bastille or even The legend of King Arthur) spoke of her participation in Dancing with the stars 7.

“It is a show, this show” has let go of Camille Lou, “We believe that one knows to dance, but in reality, this is theatre”. The one that had come up in the final of DALS in the face of Laurent Maistret, the winner, would be, therefore, that this competition leaves more room for interpretation than a true choreography. It “includes during her stint in Dancing with the stars,” wrote the newspaper, “that his future is elsewhere”.

It remained without news of her dancer

Visibly disappointed by the Dancing with the stars 7 even if she has good memories, Camille Lou was also admitted not to be in contact with his dancer. The multi-talented artist was the partner Grégoire Lyonnet on the track. And she had explained about the happy dad-to-Tv Star : “I see a lot Laurent Maistret but unfortunately, I have not heard back from Gregory. It is in Corsica with his wife, they make their living and they have good reason. I was ultra nostalgic at the beginning of the new season of Dancing with the stars, I made a small post, he has not responded, it is not serious”.

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