Camilo is the youngest winner of the Chefs!

Camilo, plus jeune gagnant des Chefs!

Camilo Nascimento-Lapointe is now, Monday night, at the age of just 23, the youngest winner of the show Les Chefs!.

“It’s been a long time that we didn’t have a final as close as that.” The note of Pasquale Vari has been unanimous agreement among his colleagues Jean-Luc Boulay and Normand Laprise, who, for the occasion, but felt the meal in the company of Martin Picard (Au pied de cochon), Helena Loureiro (Helena, Portus 360) and Baptiste Peupion (Queen Elizabeth).

The six chefs had to subtract a first candidate after the first two services, in the finale aired Monday night. Sébastien Rémillard has been ousted, leaving Guillaume Couture, and the explosive Camilo Nascimento-Lapointe will compete in the first place.

The creativity of the latter, who had concocted a meal inspired by the terroir canadian, has earned him the victory. “You have dared, you have succeeded “, commented Jean-Luc Boulay.

Essential preparation

When you talk with the young chef, who works at the gourmet restaurant Le Mousso, Montreal (chief Francis Blais won Top Chef Canada a few days ago), it can be understood that the preparation has also been key to his coronation. “Before even getting to the issue, I had done the exercise up a menu based on the finals in past seasons, he confided Monday. I had done a lot of research on the issue to try to understand. I’ve practiced a lot since last summer, to spend one hundred hours per week at a restaurant, arrive early in the morning, finish late in the evening, to be at the restaurant when it is closed for testing. I also studied again my books of the ITHQ. For me, it was essential to be ready. “


With the 50 000 dollars that he has pocketed, Camilo Nascimento-Lapointe says he will launch soon a company of condiments, and their own alcohol, with two other partners who are working with him in the Mousso. It also planned to do as his colleague : enroll in Top Chef Canada. Otherwise, he concedes that his victory comes at a time “strange” with the pandemic, while all the restaurants are struggling. All he wants, it is that succession is not discouraged and keeps the flame for cooking. “Without the passion, it does not pass through,” he concludes.

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