Campers relieved

Les campeurs soulagés

Campers, owners of campsites and rental cottages have all been relieved, Wednesday, to learn that their season is saved, in whole or in part.

The announcement of the minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx, who has confirmed the recovery of these sectors of activity as of 1 June, had the effect of a balm for an entire segment of the tourism industry, hard hit in the last few months.

Despite the limitations and the health rules strict which will be put in place, all say they are ready to make the necessary sacrifices to be able to fully enjoy the nature or re-start their businesses before it is too late.

The log cabin, in Sainte-Christine-d’auvergne, the owner was happy, even if the constraint of a family unit per chalet depriving him of substantial income.

“I’m ecstatic. Finally, a bit of freedom in nature, ” exclaimed Lucie Belec, who is staying at the Camping Lac Lafontaine in Saint-Jérôme. “The containment has been difficult. This raises the morale, ” said Kristelle Blanchard, who plans to camp this summer in the national parks.

The Camping Stoneham, the owner, Camille Gagné-Sainclair was jumping up and down. Since Tuesday, the phone has not stopped ringing. The constraints related to the health measures did not alter the good mood. “It is the paradise for us. The constraints, we will work with. “

Sign of the craze, the web site of the Sépaq was attacked Wednesday afternoon. Thousands of people have been placed in a virtual queue and had to wait a long time.

The Moulin Saint-Laurent, island of Orleans can start rent of chalets.

The business of rental of cabins, such as The log cabin, in the county of Portneuf, is delighted also to be able to restart their activities, even if the constraint of” one family unit ” by chalet will cost them revenue.

“Everyone is happy, it is a wind of freshness for the summer. Just to open, it is a great relief, ” responded Charles Lessard, who is, however, expected a loss of$ 1 Million this year.

François Couture, alpine Chalets in Stoneham, was not as euphoric at the end of the wire. “It’s a start, but it’s going to hypothecate much of the rest of the summer. As a percentage, according to me, we will lose 50% of our summer “, he responded.

Mixed reaction in outfitters

In many lodges, the owners were afflicted not to be able to accommodate the “gang of buddies” in a chalet in June. But at least, ” this is a good start to begin with families. We are super pleased with the announcement “, added Bruno Caron de la pourvoirie Waban-Aki in La Tuque.

– With Erika Aubin, and Stephanie Martin

A new well-received

“We lost a lot and we had immense stress, [but] we need to move forward. It’s going to save the majority of the season. “

— Simon Tessier, CEO of Camping Québec

“The people were in a hurry, and I am very happy because, anyway, I had already planned to set the deadline of 24 hours between each rental for the cottages. “

— Anne Lachance, co-owner of the Moulin Saint-Laurent, island of Orleans

“This is good news, it can move to another step, but it is certain that the issue of the viability of the business remains whole. “

— Martin Soucy, CEO of the Alliance of the tourism industry in Québec

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