Campers sewers of VR on the banks

Des campeurs déversent les égouts de VR sur les berges

After the waste left on beaches, some campers have emptied the sewers of their recreational vehicle on the banks of the river in eastern Quebec.

Incidents of the kind have been reported in recent days in Les Méchins, at the boundary between the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie.

These are citizens who have reported these actions to some leisure travelers in the region to the municipal authorities.

“These people are doing it on the beach anywhere,” said Dominique Roy, the mayor of Les Méchins. They are going to hide. It is certain that they will not make it open to the sky. They will hide in order to try to ensure that nobody sees them.”

Offenders need to be taken on the fact that the statements of offence are given.

Even if the campsites are now complete in Gaspésie, dump stations are available on several grounds, among other things, the Camping of Green Gables of Les Méchins.

“For a fee, people can flush and take to the water, there is no problem, said the owner Francois Bourdeau […] I think it’s a pity to see that people act like that. It is flat because there are services that are offered. People just have to search a little bit and they’re going to find.”

The mayor of Les Méchins to remember that it is the behaviour of a minority of visitors who bother them.

“There are some who leaves traces and it is not pleasant to the municipalities,” added Mr. Roy. We are obliged to send our employees to clean up. We’d like a little more civility on the part of these people who come from outside. We are happy to see them. It is well to the Gaspé peninsula, but we would like to keep our beaches and our clean places.”

Many citizens and campers encountered by TVA Nouvelles deplore the actions taken by a minority of visitors. They cry out to see that awareness still needs to be done in 2020 for the disposal of sewage in the river.

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