Camping in a remote region: Arruda said Montrealers to wait

Camping en région éloignée: Arruda dit aux Montréalais d’attendre

The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda is asking Montrealers to wait a little before visiting a remote area to camp or stay in a chalet.

“The situation, it is fragile even in the metropolitan area as Much as possible, I recommend that people stay [long as possible] in their universe, taking into account, I would tell you, the high transmission in the metropolitan area “, said Thursday the Dr Arruda, together with the prime minister.

It is, however, aware that his “prescription” would be “not followed 100%, and there is no question for the moment to put up a “barricade” to prevent the tourists from the Greater Montreal to make long trips.

He hoped, despite everything, a majority of Montrealers will follow his recommendation and plans to reassess his position within a week or two.

Social acceptability

Obviously, Dr. Arruda does not share the enthusiasm expressed on Wednesday by the minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx, who is said to be “convinced” that, everywhere in Quebec, people would be ” happy to welcome Montreal-based “.

“This is not the time, necessarily, automatically, all garrocher in the East-du-Québec, in the Montreal region, because we will have a potential of seeding “, he insisted.

“In Montreal, it is fragile. And then, there are also issues of social acceptability. Are you going to be welcomed or not? There is this too, he stressed. It is necessary that it is going, the economy, [but] you can’t make it back to 100% currently. “

The apparent contradiction

A little earlier, the opposition parties have not failed to address the apparent contradiction between the speech of the minister Proulx and brought to his side by the deputy of Dr. Arruda, Dr. Richard Massé, during the announcement of the plan déconfinement in tourism.

“I listen to Dr. Massé, who tells us that it must be travel ideally, not too far from home. […] There are two versions. The minister of Tourism said yes, and then Dr. Massé says no, ” noted the parliamentary chief of the Parti Québécois.

“What we saw yesterday. This is not clear, this is not consistent, ” said for his part, Frantz Benjamin, spokesman of the liberal opposition in tourism.

Although they plead for the observance of the instructions of the public health, the liberals, however, have concerns for the survival of the shops and restaurants in the region, as tourists are called to avoid.


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