Camps day different this year

Des camps de jour bien différents cette année

A few day camps in the Centre-du-Québec began to welcome children this week, but the activities will be very different this summer.

This year, there will be no output to the pool or activities outside the boundaries of the camp day. The water games will work with a schedule, and the internal premises of the école Curé-Brassard, who welcomed the 190 children in the day camp Nicolet.

The facilitators should find a way to keep the children busy from morning to evening, while complying with public health measures. They must use their creativity.

“We spend a lot of days to schedule games since we don’t have outputs. We do theme days for the kids to have fun,” explains Alexia Dufresne, one of the facilitators of the day camp Nicolet.

For example, Thursday was Christmas at the playground. It was necessary, however, that everyone else in his group without mixing. The children will eventually be fitted with a bracelet color to ensure that the groups do not change.

To move, the facilitators ask for a rank right, with both arms outstretched to each side, so as to leave a distance of one metre between each child.

However, it is not obvious how to enforce social distancing.

“They all want a few hugs, but you have to tell them no. It is difficult even for us,” says the coordinator of the camp day, Annie Norman, who is bored of the warmth of previous years.

Visit the public health

At the opening of day camps, public health has been called upon to mentor camp managers, who have questions or who need information on health measures.

“We made the round of the day camps to observe the measures that are in place and make recommendations as needed. One checks that the camps are safe, but also pleasant for the children,” explains Éric Lamothe, head of department of intersectoral Action and community for the CIUSSS.

Facilitators, such as children, should wash their hands several times a day. They must also perform the disinfection of the common areas between each group.

Lack of facilitators

The day camp Nicolet has almost missed animators to complete his team. Pandemic is forcing, ratios child-adult have been changed and it should be more of facilitators than in previous years.

The day after the opening, on Tuesday, the team completed yet.

“I think that the PKU and the PKU student have not helped us to find the workforce. A chance that we had started to recruit in advance of the pandemic,” says the head of communications at the City of Nicolet, Sébastien Turgeon.

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