Can a black man be racist towards himself?

Can a black man be racist towards himself?


Look at this photo of actor Franck Sylvestre with his puppet and tell me what is most absurd:

1 – That this black artist is accused of racism because he uses a puppet that represents a black man, even if that black man…is him;

2 – That black activists have his play canceled in the middle of History Month black people;

3 – Or that a black activist accuses this black artist of being a “sold out”… just because white people came to his defense?


The City of Beaconsfield has canceled the February 27 performance of The Amazing Secret of Blackbeard, a play for children aged 4 to 11, because two/three activists freaked out when they saw this papier-mâché puppet, with big lips and big teeth, which Sylvestre has been using without any problem… since 2009. 

The words 'systemic racism', 'stereotypical images', 'blackface', 'discrimination' were thrown around by the West Island Black Community Association and the Red Coalition ( an anti-discrimination organization).

I checked out the Twitter account of Alain Babineau, from the Red Coalition, who is also director of the French section of the Black Class Action Secretariat.< /p>

Here is what he wrote about the “Franck Sylvestre affair”: “When will the black communities of Montreal speak with one voice? Unfortunately, there are far too many “sold people” who only think about their little happiness by trying not to displease their “master”!

But why would all black people speak with one voice? Do all black people think the same? And why treat blacks as “sold out” who do not see racism in the fact that a black artist walks around with a puppet in his likeness?

Can a black man be racist towards himself?

Can a black man be racist towards himself?

(Each time people like Boucar Diouf, Normand Brathwaite, Dany Laferrière or others think differently from certain activists, these artists are also called “sold out”.)

At QUB radio, Benoit Dutrizac and I fully and totally supported Franck Sylvestre, who had just granted me an interview. 

It did not please Mr. Babineau, who tweeted: “Not surprising that Dutrizac and Durocher support a “good black” like Sylvestre! “. As if this artist were a traitor to the Cause.

Admit that it is all the same delirium: a man of Martinican origin is told that he cannot laugh at himself because that… it's not fun to laugh at black people!


If in his next show my friend Guy Nantel uses a puppet to ostentatious baldness, will he be accused of discrimination against the bald minority by ACCNESOI (the Association of the bald community of the North-East and South-West of the Island)? 

Well no! He is bald! And his puppet, which looks like him, is also devoid of hair, damn it!

This story of racism against a puppet is really far-fetched!

Can a black man be racist towards himself?

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