Can a child travel alone?

Can a child travel alone?


A minor child can generally travel alone in Quebec or elsewhere. He can also go on vacation with only one of his parents, as long as he has the authorization of the other.

Your child is traveling alone

Your minor child is traveling without you or the other parent? To clarify the situation, it is recommended to write a letter of consent signed by both parents. This letter indicates to customs officers or flight attendants that your child is authorized to travel. 

Transport companies may impose certain requirements depending on the destination, stopovers, your child's age or health. These requirements are usually specified on their website.

Your child is traveling with only one parent

When your child travels with you outside of Canada, the other parent must give their authorization if they are not accompanying you. To avoid trouble, it is best to have the other parent sign a letter of consent. This is the case for separated parents, even if you have sole custody. This is also the case for parents who still live together.

If you are traveling alone with your child in Canada, it is generally not necessary to obtain the authorization of the other parent.

Your child is traveling internationally 

Alone or accompanied, your minor child must have their own valid passport if they are traveling internationally. national. Your child needs permission from both parents to get their passport. From the age of 16, however, they can submit their application themselves.

Some countries require other documents to travel such as a visa, residence permit, birth certificate or vaccination. Check with the consulates or embassies of the countries of destination.

A child can he travel alone?

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