Can-Am Spyder: see Quebec on three wheels

Can-Am Spyder: voir le Québec sur trois roues

This summer, the vast majority of Quebecers will spend their vacation in the province. Then, why not travel with a vehicle built in us ?

While buying local is on everyone’s lips, the Can-Am Spyder seems to be a car designed to take on the road. Yes, this funny to bibitte three-wheel, straddle the line between a motorcycle and a car, is proudly in quebec ! Conceived and designed in Valcourt, Spyder is a manufacturer’s product (BRP), division of recreational aircraft.

Story of oneself in the atmosphere of these holidays in quebec, we put a Can-Am Spyder to the test by carrying out a small trip in the Laurentians aboard this contraption is not like the others.

Let’s answer first the essential : you do not need to be a holder of a motorcycle license to drive a Spyder. If you have a licence to drive a car, you’ll need a course of seven hours before you can take the road legally. What’s more, BRP offers the reimbursement of this course to purchase a Spyder from a dealer Can-Am.


In a day, so you’re ready to discover Québec to the handlebar of your bike to three wheels. Premium on board, the similarities with a motorcycle are many. One starts the vehicle in the same way and it can be switched off with a power switch, put in evidence by its red colour.

The model we tested, a Spyder RT Limited, was built to last : heated seats front and rear, heated grips, chests of storage large enough to move (well, almost) and a color screen 19.8 cm who has something to blush for some car manufacturers.

The vehicle is powered by a three-cylinder engine developed by the austrian manufacturer Rotax, a long-time partner at BRP. Whether you opt for the RT model, or for the Spyder F3, the more affordable, the engine displacement remains the same, to 1330 cc.


With a power of 115 horsepower, the Spyder stage, by accelerating very bright. On the small roads leading to Oka, we’ve been able to tame a vehicle behavior certainly sporty, but it surprised also with a comfort unhoped for. Despite too many potholes around, the front suspension had a job masterful, absorbing every imperfection in the roadway without any of the hassle.

The driving is sporty, it is true, but everything is so simple that it becomes almost banal. If you’re accustomed to driving a bike, you’ll be amazed by the ease with which a Spyder can be operated. The stability is aided by an electronic system and even the clutch pedal is absent.

In effect, the transmission to six reports which equips the vehicle is semi-automatic. Therefore, you should perform the shifting by yourself, but no need to worry about the clutch pedal.

In fact, there is only a single pedal aboard a Spyder, and it serves as a brake. Whereas with a bike, we must ourselves manage the front brakes independently of those in the rear, the Spyder himself is responsible to distribute the braking force between its three wheels. All you have to do is measure the power applied on the pedal as you do with your car. The system signed Brembo makes a work effective braking very stable, even in an emergency situation.

Fun… but not given !

The Can-Am Spyder is designed for those who want to take the road to the open air, but who do not necessarily want to venture out on a motorcycle. In this chapter, it’s mission accomplished ! A ride in a Spyder can really appreciate the beautiful landscapes that Quebec has to offer. His conduct is so simple that one can concentrate on the essential. That said, the vehicle gives all of the same behavior committed that will appeal to fans of performance.

For a taste of all of that, however, you need to get out the checkbook… and weigh well hard on the pencil ! The model we tested is offered at a base price of $ 32 999 $. This is higher than the price of cars like a Volkswagen Golf GTI or a Subaru BRZ !

Difficult to justify an invoice as salt, and this, in spite of the many accessories and equipment that come with the Spyder RT Limited. Fortunately, variants which are more affordable are also on the menu. The Spyder F3 is sold at a starting price of $ 19,999.

And then, there’s the Can-Am Ryker, a version stripped of the Spyder, which is on sale from 10 699 $. At this price, it should, however, forget the engine 1330 cc, but above all the idea of buying local ; unlike the Spyder, the Ryker is built in Mexico, well away from the factory of Valcourt.

We often compare the Spyder to a motorcycle, but the reality is that the Spyder is in a class of its own, a class that he himself has created during its first appearance in 2007.


As his native Quebec, the Can-Am Spyder doing things his way. And we will not complain.

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Can-Am Spyder: voir le Québec sur trois roues

Can-Am Spyder: voir le Québec sur trois roues

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