Can no longer tolerate: brad pitt an ultimatum Jolie

Ex-husband of the actress requires monetary compensation

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Больше не может терпеть: Брэд Питт выдвинул ультиматум Джоли

Former spouses brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Loud divorce of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt has not yet reached its logical end. The couple officially divorced, and even, according to media reports, the established relationship for the kids. But the passion in their relationship is still not faded.

Also recently, Angeli Jolie made the controversial last will and Testament. Details in the story:

As informs newspaper the Sun, brad pitt got tired of waiting for signatures ex-wife and issued an ultimatum. The actor demands to “sign the divorce papers or to pay him monetary compensation.”

Their demand celebrity gave the actress her with the help of lawyers, not personally. And he intends to apply to the court for the appointment of the final date and, if Angelina can not cope in a timely manner, it will be obliged to pay compensation for the delay.

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“He was incredibly patient throughout the process of divorce, despite the fact that he was repeatedly pushed to the limit. But he finally had enough, and although brad is a relatively quiet man, he is tired of Angelina delays the process, which he now feels for her was almost a game,” – said the source publication.

Also according to an insider, brad pitt is afraid that the process will be delayed again for several months, so he decided to take drastic measures.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the actress Angelina Jolie wanted to get back with your ex-husband, brad pitt. So she delayed the divorce process. It was also reported that paparazzi “caught” brad pitt with Angelina Jolie. First saw them together two years of divorce. The former couple met in one of the office buildings in Los Angeles. Jolie and pitt met in a room with large Windows.

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Больше не может терпеть: Брэд Питт выдвинул ультиматум Джоли

Больше не может терпеть: Брэд Питт выдвинул ультиматум Джоли

Больше не может терпеть: Брэд Питт выдвинул ультиматум Джоли


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