Canada is not elected to the Security Council of the UN

Le Canada n'est pas élu au Conseil de Sécurité de l'ONU

Canada was not elected to the security Council of the united nations, losing its campaign against Norway and Ireland.

The two european countries were chosen to represent the group of countries “western Europe and others” as a non-permanent for two years. Norway has obtained 130 votes, while Ireland has met 128. Far behind, Canada has obtained 108 votes.

192 member States of the UN voted today to elect five of the ten non-permanent security Council. India, Mexico and Kenya have been chosen to represent, respectively, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

This is a second defeat in a row for Canada, who had attempted without success to obtain a nonpermanent seat on the security Council in 2010. This is two decades that the maple leaf has not served as a member of this select group of the United Nations organization, whose mission is to ensure the maintenance of peace and international security.

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