Canada's Got Talent: our Quebec talents advance to the final

Canada’s Got Talent: Our Quebec talents make it to the final


Dance troupe The Cast and comedian-noisemaker-imitator Geneviève Côté got their pass to the grand finale of “Canada's Got Talent” (CGT) on Tuesday night. 

They join the dancers of the Trois-Rivières troupe Conversion, which won its ticket to the final last week.

At their audition, Geneviève Côté and The Cast had managed to make the famous “Golden buzzer” sound, which guaranteed them a place in the semi-finals. Tuesday evening, the 47-year-old Lavalloise and the Lévis dance troupe were once again invited to participate in the next stage of the competition.

Dressed in white frock coats with silver sleeves, the 32 dancers of The Cast presented Tuesday evening, at the start of the show, a number very different from their last performance. They worked this time on their emotions and their intensity which married perfectly with the violins and the electric guitars which accompanied them on stage.

“You were epic”, launched Howie Mandel at the end of their number . “I believe that I am not the only one who believes that you have a strong chance of winning this contest,” Kardinal Offishall then added.

For Caroline Lemieux, the troupe's artistic director and co-choreographer, these praises heighten expectations for the grand finale and add a little pressure on the shoulders.

The troupe is currently working on a brand new number which will once again transport the public to a new universe.

“There are still so many adjustments to make, in terms of costumes and transformation,” said the choreographer in an interview on Tuesday. However, the creation and the work are at this point more important than the results of the final, which will be in the hands of the public next week anyway, she added.

Of the 32 dancers in the troupe – who are all between the ages of 16 and 21 – around fifteen are making their first TV appearance. The others have participated in different projects here and there, including “World of Dance”, broadcast on NBC in the United States. “The projects are what turn them on. A TV “show” is fun to do, it takes a lot of work, but in the end, you're never really a loser. These are great experiences and great memories for them,” said Caroline Lemieux.

The specter of Jeanick Fournier watches over Geneviève Côté

Geneviève Côté was the last semi-finalist to take to the stage at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls on Tuesday night. She delivered a stunning atmospheric and cinematic number, demonstrating the extent of her vocal skills.

In the business for more than a decade, the imitator is on cloud nine and pinches herself every day since her “Bouton d’or” sounded by Howie Mandel.

“When you persevere, one day, the right door will open. […] Let go and the magic will operate when you don't expect it, ”said Geneviève Côté, who has seen her life completely change since she participated in the show.

In the past, the sound maker has gone through difficult times; her mother committed suicide when she was 11, she raised her 20-year-old son on her own, worked in restaurants to earn a living, and went through therapy to regain her self-confidence.

The story of the winner of the past edition, Jeanick Fournier, found an echo in Geneviève Côté. “He's been my guardian angel since the beginning. We don't know each other, but she is so inspiring. Seeing her go gave me “pushing”. I watched his “Golden buzzer” on repeat. I cried and laughed with her. She's been holding my hand since the beginning of the adventure,” argued the Quebecer in an interview.

Today in full control of her abilities, Geneviève Côté believes that “even if life is difficult , it is possible to perform miracles”, emphasizing the importance of seeking help to help you believe in yourself.

For its part, the outcome of the acrobatic troupe Montreal-based CBA, originally from Guinea, is currently in the hands of the public.

The grand prize winner of 'Canada's Got Talent' will take home $150,000. The final will be presented live next Tuesday on Citytv from 8 p.m.