Canadian: a little rest for Suzuki

Canadian: A little rest for Suzuki


This long break from hosting the All-Star Game couldn't come at a better time for Nick Suzuki.

He'll be heading to Florida in a few days, competing at the festivities of the “Gary Bettman show” and then he can enjoy a few days' rest, away from the competition.

It's time for him to fill up the tank.

Since the beginning of December, its production has been dwindling. On the ice, we also notice a hesitant skater, probably mentally exhausted. His information gathering is not as effective. His actions are not as explosive. And, we can understand it. 

Is there a player in the Canadian camp who has spent, since the start of the season, as many minutes on the playing surface as Suzuki?

We can always question his use, but Martin St-Louis, like any coach, wants to win games. 

When he watches on the bench as the game unfolds, in the center position, he doesn't have a lot of options In fact, they are practically non-existent.

Among its options are Suzuki and Kirby Dach. The latter was transferred to this position just a few weeks ago.

There's Christian Dvorak, whose role is much more defensively focused. But he is playing despite injury.

Next, Jake Evans and Sean Monahan are on the sidelines.

Jonathan Drouin, who has been given the role of fourth center player during the absence of Evans, is also injured.

Dach is also nursing an injury.

Could St-Louis take a few minutes of playing time spent on Suzuki to share it with the other center players?

No doubt.

More responsibilities

Aren't we giving Dach more responsibilities and he responds admirably well, chasing more and more concerns about his ability to play at center in the National League. Since being given the opportunity to work in this position, he confirms what Jonathan Toews said when he learned that the Chicago Blackhawks had traded Dach.

“I don't understand,” he said. As the last season progressed, I noticed more confidence in him. He was involved in all aspects of the game. Really, I don't understand, because he is a player with many resources to have a good time in this league.

Kent Hughes therefore made a wise choice last summer.

But, back to Suzuki. He just lost his best winger. What's more, the opposing teams focus their game plan by pitting their best defensive squad against Suzuki. It's getting harder and harder. However, as the Canadian does not score too many goals, the coach relies on the one who, since the start of the season, has given interesting results.

This long leave comes at a time strategic.

It will allow Suzuki to refuel. In the meantime, when activities resume, the situation could be disrupted by changes in the workforce.

Time is running out

There are only five weeks left before the deadline to complete the final personnel transfers. That's not to say Kent Hughes is going to wait until the last minute to make changes to his roster. Last year, had he not traded, on February 14, Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames?

This year, more than ever, GMs, those who will identify as buyers, are anxious to make changes as quickly as possible.

The race for playoff qualification demands it. Teams with big ambitions covet business opportunities. And there are also teams that want to get rid of cumbersome contracts. 

Price's departure was to be expected 

That Carey Price decided to leave Montreal is not surprising. He won't play anymore. His career is over.

The problem will have to be solved by Kent Hughes.

He will have on his list of financial commitments a goalkeeper with an agreement representing $ 10.5 million on the salary cap for each of the next three seasons, but, in fact, the Canadiens will have to pay him $ 23.5 million rather than 31, $5M.

Will Hughes be able to get out of Price's contract like he did in the Shea Weber case?

It will still be necessary to find a team having serious problems with the salary cap and who will be looking for a skater unable to play, but whose salary will be on the injured list for a very long period.

Last year, the Golden Knights agreed to take over Weber's contract to put him on the injured list. The Tampa Bay Lightning have completed a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks for the contract of Brent Seabrook, who has not played for two seasons. His name appears on the injured list for a very long time.

Weber fulfills a consulting role with the Golden Knights, on a few occasions visiting the training club to jump on the ice and help develop young defensemen.

A shot lightning

Bobby Hull was a spectacular player. He had an imposing size, and he sowed terror among the goalkeepers, with a lightning shot that he exploited with a stick whose characteristic was the curve of the blade.

Counter of 50 goals, he will have marked the history of hockey by his style, by his skating, by the impact he had within the Chicago Blackhawks.

He was also the first player of great renown to take the leap into the AMH. He had been lured to Winnipeg with a check for $1 million. This decision deprived him of participation in the Series of the Century in 1972.

Canadian: a little rest for Suzuki