Canadian: Nick Suzuki would be “very impressed” if he could speak to the media only in French

Canadian: Nick Suzuki would be

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Captain Nick Suzuki opened up on several topics during an extensive interview on the podcast Spittin' Chiclets broadcast today, particularly on the issue of French, distractions in Montreal and his close relationship with Cole Caufield, whom he sees as his “little brother”.

“What's your favorite color”, launched the former player and star host of the show Paul Bissonnette.

“Red, blue, white red”, retorted Suzuki, in French, stressing that it was necessary to say favorite. 

The captain explained that he continued to learn French with the Quebec players. 

Does he think one day he will be able to hold a press briefing only in French with the French-speaking press?

“I would be very impressed,” he replied. 

Besides, the host reminded him of how much, with the French-speaking media, the CH were the Yankees of Canada.  

Suzuki explained that you should indeed “not say things that could be perceived as controversial”. 

He added that CH staff do a good job of helping them with the media by guiding them on what not to say. The Ontarian was pretty clear too when asked what the biggest distraction in Montreal is: “social media”. 

Gone London

Coming back to his appointment as captain, the center player recalled that it was an obvious decision (no brainer) and he said that it was important for him to stay in Montreal during the summer. It was also the first off-season this year that he did not return to his home in London, Ont., although several NHL players train there. 

Suzuki said that he had bought a house in Montreal last spring and was currently in the renovations. And he wants to train with the players of the team here during the off-season. 

The captain was very complimentary towards Martin St-Louis during the interview. “He's one of the brightest hockey heads I've worked with […] He's already one of the best coaches in the league,” he said. 

“He's a special guy and everyone loves playing for him […] I think our future is one of the brightest in the NHL.”

A little comic anecdote: Suzuki explained that he loved watching the iPad during the game to review his presence, but St. Louis decided to ban the tablet, except during TV breaks. The manager wants his players to concentrate on the action in front of them.

Suzuki also returned to Dominique Ducharme, emphasizing without hesitation that his dismissal was clearly “collateral damage”. The departure of Price, Weber and Perry, the many injuries and the team's difficult run in the series the previous year were “the perfect storm” for the fate reserved for the Quebec coach. 

< strong>Caufield, his little brother

The captain also commented at length on his relationship with Cole Caufield. 

“He is the same age as my little brother. He's like a little brother to me. He's louder, I'm quieter, so it works well. 

Suzuki also talked about how Caufield became quite a character in the locker room. “I don't know how it takes to have so much energy, he arrives dancing, singing and shouting everywhere”. 

He also looked back on his childhood, when his parents raised two future NHL draft players. The facilitator told him that he had been able to grow up with a father who did not put pressure on him. However, that has not always been the case. 

“My father had to make this transition. When he was younger, he was a 'crazy hockey parent', but he felt he was an idiot and he stopped,” he said, saying it allowed him and his brother Ryan to be «relax».

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