Canadian Pacific: the mayor of Farnham disappointed for its workers

Canadien Pacifique: le maire de Farnham déçu pour ses travailleurs

The mayor of Farnham difficulty accepting that a sub-contractor of the Canadian Pacific (CP) can be workers to come from other provinces from him at the expense of the workers of her corner of the country, as revealed by The Journal.

“It is the Canadian Pacific (CP), or any other company, my speech is the same : get people to come from elsewhere when we have the expertise here, I can’t be okay with it “, has decided the mayor of Farnham, Patrick Melchior.

On Monday, The Newspaper revealed that a company hired by the Canadian Pacific (CP) is accused of bringing workers to Western canada to redo its rails, according to CSN-Construction, which requires the closure of the site.

Tuesday noon, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) has confirmed to the Newspaper that it carries out in this time of audits to shed light on those reports, without being able to say more.

“If there was a company in Western canada with the world of Quebec, while there is already manpower there, she would tell us she would like that it is their workers, so it is the same thing for us “, has shown the mayor of Farnham, Patrick Melchior.


That said, the first magistrate of the city refuses to throw the stone at the Canadian Pacific (CP) because he has many projects on the table with the company.

“We would like to remove the yard in the middle of the city centre. For me, this is an idea from another century to have it there, ” said Mr Melchior, who also wears the hat of v.-p. of the Alliance of the railway corridor in the eastern Townships, Montérégie (ACFEM).

Patrick Melchior also wishes to not only enhance the transportation of goods, which is more environmentally friendly, he adds, but also the transportation of an individual in his or her region.

“If we had what we call in the jargon “phase four”, it could be the Montreal-Sherbrooke at 100 or 110 kilometres per hour with passengers, it would be an asset for all of Quebec “, he concluded.

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