Canadian players form their association

Canadian players form association


Four months away from the 2022 World Cup, the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is in turmoil, to the point where the players have decided to regroup in a union unit .

All players who have played with the men's team since January 1, 2021 have been given a card to join the Players' Association of the National Men's Soccer Team. Canada (CMNSTPA).

Of the 50 players who received a membership card, 47 have already signed it, Mark-Anthony Kaye told TSN on Friday.

This is not a first in the world of Canadian soccer since the women's team has had its own association since 2016.


The situation has its origins in the sums that players will receive for their qualification for the World Cup, but especially those they will receive for their participation in the tournament.

The players also raised doubts about the governance of the Canadian Soccer Association, which is chaired by Nick Bontis.

Let's talk money first. It is this point which is at the root of the players' strike which led to the cancellation of the friendly match against Panama, in Vancouver, last month.

After qualified for Qatar, last March, the players agreed to part with a sum of one million dollars.

How much?

But where it really gets stuck is how the $10 million that Canada Soccer is due to receive from FIFA for its World Cup qualification will be distributed.

The players have asked for 40% of the after-tax amount, to which the Association replied that it was impossible due to the policy that men and women should be paid equally.

Canada Soccer therefore made an offer at 30 %, which players say is too low. Behind all this, there is the fact that Australia will pay 40% to the players and that the United States has indicated that 90% of the sum will go to their representatives.

He has was impossible to chat with national team players due to the MLS schedule. A request for an interview with Canada Soccer went unanswered.

Recall that earlier this week, national team players issued a long joint press release asking Sports Canada to conduct an inquiry into the governance of Canada Soccer.