Canadian politics: the 2021 Meritas

Canadian Politics: M & eacute; ritas 2021

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Which members of the House of Commons stood out during this year 2021? Here are my choices.

Jean-Yves Duclos & nbsp;

Meritas “Decisions” & nbsp;

Canada's new Minister of Health presented a new image of pandemic management in Ottawa. Quicker in making decisions and more efficient in explaining them, he exudes an assurance and competence that were lacking around Justin Trudeau.

Anita Anand & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Courage” Merit & nbsp;

The new defense minister has done more in six weeks than her predecessor in six years. The problems facing the Canadian Army are far from over. However, she gave this drifting ship a new direction. A fine example of leadership.

Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe & nbsp; & nbsp;

Merit “Convictions” & nbsp;

The Bloc Québécois member for Lac-Saint-Jean raised the issue of boycotting the Olympics long before the subject was topical. He had carefully and seriously studied the human rights situation and concluded that Canada had a duty. He emerged as a visionary in the fall when Canada's allies launched the diplomatic boycott movement.

Alain Rayes & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Comeback” Merit & nbsp;

The Conservative MP for Arthabaska lost his role as lieutenant for Quebec with the arrival of new leader Erin O’Toole. He kept a positive attitude and continued with his work. After the fall election failure, the leader had no choice but to return him to this strategic post. He takes up the torch stronger than before. He has quite a job ahead of him to rebuild (again) the Conservative Party in Quebec.

Alexandre Boulerice & nbsp; & nbsp;

Méritas ” Reliability ” & nbsp;

Jagmeet Singh can thank his member for Rosemont. Keeping your riding when you are the only one in your party in all of Quebec is an achievement. These victories against the wave become personal. The NDP member ensures the party's presence in Quebec and helped, during the election, a few other candidates to be competitive.

Diane LeBouthillier & nbsp; & nbsp;

“Fieldwork” merits & nbsp;

In each election, someone predicts their defeat in their Gaspé riding. This fall, the leader of the Bloc even spent a disproportionate amount of time traveling this riding, at the risk of showing relentlessness. At the count, it was not even part of the close races. This politician is stronger than some think.

Louis Plamondon & nbsp; & nbsp;

Merit “Hommage” & nbsp ;

The Bloc member, dean of the House of Commons, won the confidence of his constituents for the twelfth time. What more can be said ? One can only bow and admire the mutual loyalty between an elected official and his people. Respect.

Merits “Humility” … given to myself! & nbsp;

In the same exercise last year, I had appointed the new head of the Greens, Annamie Paul, rookie of the year. Oops!

Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

 Canadian Politics: The 2021 Merits

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