Canadians in favour of a work week of 30 hours

Les Canadiens favorables à une semaine de travail de 30 heures

A majority of Canadians are of the opinion that a work week of 30 hours would be a good idea, according to a recent survey of theInstitute who are Angus Reid.

According to the survey probe between 8 and 10 June, 53 % of the 1510 respondents – members of the community of online respondents d’Angus Reid – would be in favour to adopt this new schedule (also known as the four-day week) in order to allow more people to work. This result represents an increase of 6 percentage points compared to a poll on the same subject held in 2018.

The survey of recent weeks indicates that “Canadians from all income categories are more receptive to the idea that reserved,” said the polling firm. Support for the week of 30 hours is at its highest level among those members of households with the lowest income, is $ 25,000 or less per year (64 %), whereas it is at the lowest level among families earning more than $ 150,000 per year (47 %).

And these are the youngest respondents in the 18-34, who have shown the most interest in the concept. The men of this age group were estimated to be 58 % that it is a good idea, while women of the same age share this view to 65 %. At the very least people warm to the idea are older, or 55 years and over (39 % of support among men and 53 % support among women).

Among the provinces of residence of the respondents, it is Quebec that has obtained the highest score during this survey, with a support of 60 %. Support the least important, 42 %, was observed in Alberta.

This survey was conducted when the pandemic COVID-19 has revolutionized the ways of doing in the workplace. With the pandemic, several working methods have been revised, such as telecommuting grows in popularity.

“Individuals and organizations see, in their perspective, respectively, of the benefits of having to continue or to be able to continue this mode of work there,” he told TVA News Caroline Coulombe, a professor and researcher in the department of management, School of management sciences of UQAM.

Increase of productivity?

Last year, in Japan, Microsoft has closed its offices on Friday, without reducing the wages of its employees. After which, the company has seen an increase in productivity of 40 % compared to the previous year.

According to experts, the adoption of the week, reduced work in Quebec could well go by telecommuting when employers and employees will perfectly fit the model.

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