Canadiens Nordiques – The rivalry: Does the CH (really) want the Nordiques back?

Nordic Canadians – The rivalry: Does the CH (really) want the return of the Norse?


Whether in Montreal or Quebec, every hockey fan in La Belle Province seems to dream of the return of the Nordiques and of a rivalry that would once again oppose two Quebec teams. But is this really the case for the group of owners of the Canadian? The question deserves to be asked.

The eighth and final episode of the documentary series Nordic Canadians – The Rivalrydraws a balance sheet of the saga to bring back a franchise of the National Hockey League to Quebec, through hopes and disappointments.

“A market, an arena, an owner, everything is there”, advances-t -on, in the synopsis.

And yet…

Vote for or against

Officially, the owner and president Canadian Geoff Molson repeats to anyone who will listen his desire to see an NHL club in Quebec one day. However, his point of view would not be so clear.

“In Quebec, the Nordiques must be there, but I think we dream in color, formulated Michel Therrien, last month, in an intervention on the airwaves of TVA Sports. The group of owners of the Canadian, chaired by Geoff Molson, does not want to have the Nordiques. We want to make sure we have the whole pie in terms of advertising revenue and what surrounds the team. In my lifetime, I would be very surprised [to see the Nordics again]. »

Delicate subject

The subject is delicate. Therrien, who has had two different stints as head coach of the Canadiens, believes he knows the true position of Mr. Molson.

“We miss having this rivalry […] If the National League asked me tomorrow morning to vote for or against a team in Quebec, I would be for it, that's for sure, had nevertheless pronounced Geoff Molson in a long interview given to host Jean-Charles Lajoie, also on TVA Sports, in November 2020. It's not only good for our fans, the fans of the Nordiques, but it's good for hockey too, because it's is a rivalry that was incredible.

“On the financial side, I think it can only help, had even specified the owner of the Canadian. There would be so much interest between these two teams who will play against, a minimum of five times [in the regular season] and maybe during the playoffs. It would be extraordinary. »

An incredible enthusiasm

Therrien persists and signs, arguing that the market for all of Quebec currently belongs to the Canadiens.

“He can't go out and say he doesn't want the Nordiques in order to keep all the revenue […] Unfortunately, with the group of owners of the Canadian of Montreal, one absolutely does not want to have the Nordiques of Quebec in the decoration, notes the former trainer of the Habs. It's a shame because I think the Canadiens have a responsibility towards fans, players, staff and new coaches [in Quebec]. The rivalry and the enthusiasm that it would create would be incredible for Quebec. » 

About the infatuation everyone agrees.