Candiac: a father forced to dismantle his outdoor skating rink

Candiac: a father forced to dismantle his outdoor ice rink


The City of Candiac is asking a father to dismantle the skating rink he has set up in front of his residence. 

“I pleaded a bit common sense. I understand very well that there is a rule, but considering the circumstances, they could give me a free pass, at least for this winter,” says Sasha Royer, who built this rink.

“City kids, neighborhood kids, actually. It's really for them that I do it, so that they can play outside, continue to play sports even if the hockey season is suspended, ”he adds.

In the neighborhood where he lives, many people think that the municipal administration should be more flexible with Mr. Royer. Some even sent communications to the City to try to change the decision.

“For us, it is really an advantage to have the outdoor rink given the circumstances in which we live in this moment. Our children need to go outside and then play sports,” said a neighbor.

“We could flout the rules at times, like during the pandemic,” replied another resident when asked about the subject.

Even if he breaks the municipal by-law, Sasha Royer will keep his rink. “Getting to where we are in the winter, it's a bit difficult to undo. It's a block of ice. It will just be undone in the spring,” he concludes.

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