Cannes 2019: what do we know about the new film of the controversial Director Gaspar noé

The Argentine Director has brought to Cannes a new picture

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Канны 2019: что известно о новой ленте скандального режиссера Гаспара Ноэ

In Gaspar Noe’s movie starred by Charlotte Gainsbourg

The Cannes film festival on the French Riviera continues. The acclaimed author of “Love,” Argentine filmmaker Gaspar noé is back in 2019 Cannes with his new film, Lux Aeterna. This tape is a vivid 50-minute essay about respect of beliefs, work and the art of directing.

“During the filming of two Actresses tell stories about witches, and not only that,” says Gaspar noé, who made a bombshell last year, his “Ecstasy”.

Канны 2019: что известно о новой ленте скандального режиссера Гаспара Ноэ

Charlotte Gainsbourg together with Javier Bardem announced the Cannes film festival open

Each of the Actresses is not the first time acted in a disturbing cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, played in the movie “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier, Beatrice Dahl in the film “every day trouble” the French Claire Denis.

The film also appears American actor Carl Glusman – the main character of the controversial “Love” and the groom Zoe Kravitz. With them working actor Felix Marito, known for his role in “120 BPM”.

Mysterious picture of the Lux Aeterna is definitely arouses curiosity. In this vibrant and energetic film by Gaspar noé, whose films leave no one indifferent, definitely going again to surprise the audience.

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