Cannes 2019: which famous Ukrainians visited the film festival

Famous Ukrainian women shone on the red carpet

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Канны 2019: кто из знаменитых украинок посетил кинофестиваль

Anna Andres is a famous model and blogger

2019 Cannes film festival started on may 14 and will last until the 25th. Every day the press is discussing the outfits of the stars from the red carpet. On the Cote d’azur was seen and popular Ukrainka: choreographer Alain Shoptenko nominee of the World Bloggers Awards Anna Andres, producer Maria Grazyna Chaplin and designer Catherine Silchenko.

Watch the video, which stars in Cannes wearing a Ukrainian embroidered shirt:

Alain Shoptenko “grazed” two outfits: the flying black and orange dress and an evening gown with bare shoulders. In the past she posed with the designer Catherine Silchenko, who chose a white dress, exposing her legs.

Канны 2019: кто из знаменитых украинок посетил кинофестиваль

Alain Shoptenko wearing loose clothes

“The day started very early! And almost the whole was not on the red carpet and on the stairs of l’oréal Paris Studio. The brand has built them on 72-the m the Cannes film festival, “–said Alain Shoptenko.

Канны 2019: кто из знаменитых украинок посетил кинофестиваль

Catherine and Alena Silchenko, Shoptenko

Ukrainian model and blogger Anna Andres admitted that from the interested public in Cannes 2019 to hide is difficult. She met supermodel Victoria’s Secret, Isabelle Gular, with which they rode together in the Elevator. Such a meeting for “Miss Ukraine universe 2014” is especially valuable.

Канны 2019: кто из знаменитых украинок посетил кинофестиваль

Anna Andres flashed in Cannes

“Here celebrities can be found absolutely everywhere: in every cafe, on the Croisette, on the beach. Amidst the bustle, on a nearby bed, you can see sunbathers Sharon stone or Madonna”, – shared his impressions of Anna.

Maria Grazyna Chaplin is not the first time at the Cannes film festival. Last year her black dress in lace and velvet made a splash. Outfit made by Ukrainian designer Oksana Karavanska, who believes that a bit of erotica on the red carpet not hurt.

Toilet made with one fitting, and then – just arrived in the parcel, says the customer – from Lvov, now a producer and presenter in Monaco, Maria Grazyna Chaplin.

Канны 2019: кто из знаменитых украинок посетил кинофестиваль

Maria Grazyna Chaplin prefers outfits Oksana Karavanska

“And we open with the girls qwintry: seen dress front – to- severe. I think – what the hell? Wear it – and on the back just naked! One of my experienced on the red carpet screaming is brilliant! The press is all yours. This is what happened”, – shared his impressions of Grazyna.

This time Chaplin as last year, entrusted the creation of his image Oksana Karavanska.

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