Cannes Film Festival: the new Indiana Jones film is not unanimous with critics

Cannes Film Festival: The new Indiana Jones film is not unanimous reviews


Described sometimes as “a waste of time”, sometimes as “a tremendous thrilling trip”, the fifth film in the Indiana Jones saga received a mixed reception in the international press, the day after its world premiere on the Croisette.


One of the most anticipated events at the Cannes Film Festival this year, Indiana Jones and the Cadran de la Destinée was screened on Thursday evening in the presence of Harrison Ford (who was honored at the same time) and the other stars of the film directed by James Mangold (Logan, Le Mans 66) .

While this fifth and final installment of the popular saga launched by Steven Spielberg in 1981 won over many critics, it was not unanimously received by the international press. 

“Indiana Jones has always the same class”, rejoiced the renowned critic of the British newspaper The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw, visibly seduced by the nostalgic fiber of this new opus.

“This new film has zest, fun and narrative ingenuity that the previous installment [Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull] didn't quite have, adds the journalist.


The newspaper The Independent was also charmed by the new film in the saga, describing it as “a series of chases and fights linked by twists and turns that are ever more unlikely than the other”. p>

“The action is often staged in a very inventive way. James Mangold, who replaced Steven Spielberg, imposes a frantic pace.

Too careful

Variety magazine wasn't particularly thrilled with the famed archaeologist's latest spin, pointing out that Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny“mines the nostalgic vein without put on an exciting show”. 

The specialized site Indiewirewas even harsher in lamenting that James Mangold's new proposal is “almost a complete waste of time”

The Dial of Destiny is such a cautious film that even his 80-year-old hero never seems to be in danger there,” writes the Indiewire critic. 

On the French press side, the new Indiana Jones has been well welcomed overall. 

According to Le Point magazine, “the 5th film in the saga partially redeems the disappointment of the previous one and the aging myth regains color” . 

Same story on the side of Figaro: “this fifth and last film, lively and lively, ends a legendary saga in a brilliant way”, argued the daily.

Finally, the newspaper Liberation adored the film, as did Le Parisien, which described it as “spectacular, funny and very lively”.  

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits theaters in Quebec on June 30.