Canopy protection: A portrait of the state of Quebec's woodlands in 6 months

Canopy Protection: A Portrait of the State of Woodlands de Québec within 6 months


A committee will unveil within six months a portrait of the state of Quebec City's woodlands, with the aim of protecting them from development pressures. 

The committee was announced on Monday. The mayor, Bruno Marchand, indicated that an adviser from each political formation present on the municipal council will sit there. The vice-president of the city's executive committee, Marie-Josée Asselin, will represent the mayor's team, Québec Forte et Fière, Anne Corriveau, Team Marie-Josée Savard, Bianca Dussault, Québec 21 and Jackie Smith, Transition Québec.< /p>

“This portrait will be the subject of a presentation to the population so that we all have a common understanding of the challenges we have in urban forestry and the protection of wooded areas,” said Ms. Asselin. 

This is an important subject for citizens, mentioned the elected official. “We want to have a better picture, both in the context of the tramway, but also for all other development projects.”

The City wants to establish the status of woodlands, their ownership, the developments that threaten them.

Sustainable development

During the election campaign, Québec Forte et Fière made a commitment to protect woodlots and encourage sustainable and innovative methods of development.  wants to stop the destruction of woodlots. This makes several neighborhoods of the city unique,” ​​said Ms. Asselin.

Anne Corriveau considers the question important, especially in her sector of Sainte-Foy, “prized”, where we are experiencing changes in the urban fabric. “It is all the more interesting that a tram is coming. There are many questions that citizens want answers to.”

For Bianca Dussault, from Val-Bélair, who is also president of the borough of Haute-Saint-Charles, “our borough is full of woodlands and future developments”. She says she hopes that Val-Bélair will remain “the city of nature”.

Jackie Smith said she was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​working on the file and affirms that she will pay particular attention to the preservation of wooded areas in “very concrete” central environments.


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