Canteens, water, farmers' income: Carole Delga guides Gabriel Attal at the Salon de l'Agriculture and delivers her messages

Canteens, water, farmers' income: Carole Delga guides Gabriel Attal at the Salon de l'Agriculture and delivers her messages

Carole Delga accompanies the Prime Minister to introduce him to Occitanie producers. D.R. – J.B.

The president of the Occitanie Region was at the Agricultural Show in Paris where she was able to speak with the Prime Minister to ask him in particular to allow high school and college canteens to eat. use local products. Which requires changing the law. 

A crazy day like the Agricultural Show knows so many times. No heckling or outburst of agricultural anger as the Salon experienced on Saturday at the opening, during the visit of President Emmanuel Macron. No, a calm madness, a healthy madness, but madness nonetheless. That we owe mainly to the surprise visit of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal who invited himself to the hall reserved for the regions, precisely to the stand d' ;Occitanie and its departments. 

The president of the Occitanie Region, Carole Delga, as guide to the head of government, was able to experience this day with fervor. Started after formal meetings with the majority agricultural union of the FNSEA, notably with a tête-à-tête with its president Arnaud Rousseau.

Then with an interview with independent winegrowers. Each time to discuss the agricultural crisis and the measures taken by the regional institution. She then arrived on her Occitan lands, in hall 7 where 134 producers from the region are concentrated, a sign of its vitality and agricultural diversity. With a first stop at the Tarn stand, for a first speech. The opportunity to discuss the crisis facing the profession.  

An hour and a half of wandering

Then everything happened very quickly. On the double. A long stop at the Hérault stand which had just been inaugurated by Yvon Pellet, vice-president of the Department, in the absence of Kléber Mesquida, retained for health reasons. Here again, the agricultural situation is at the heart of speeches and conversations. A concern mixed with hope: "We must work in short circuits for more local production because the priority of priorities is the income of farmers' quot;, thunders the president. 

After a very short lunch break, the furious Gabriel Attal could burst out. The meeting takes place behind the scenes, without a respite. Let's go for an hour and a half of wandering. The stands follow one another, the crowd gathers, groaning at not being able to approach the head of government accompanied by his Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau.

Messages to the Prime Minister

Despite the hampered traffic, Carole Delga can show the Prime Minister the quality products from Occitan agriculture. And, as soon as she can, she puts in her messages for more space in the canteens, measures in favor of water, or changing the CAP regulations according to cash flow needs: "We must put an end to the bonuses linked to areas which encourage mega-farms. This is an unfair capture of land. And we must stop paying bonuses to sectors that are doing well like pig farming to help those that are suffering".

It remains to be hoped that Gabriel Attal will have left this festive time spent in this part of Occitanie with concrete solutions to be implemented in the future.< /p> I subscribe to read more

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