Canucks: reproaches against Émilie Castonguay

Canucks: reproaches against milie Castonguay< /p> UPDATE DAY

Émilie Castonguay, assistant general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, was singled out in a human rights complaint made public on Sunday. 

The complainant, Rachel Doerrie, worked in the advanced statistics department of the BC team until August 1, 2022 and was then promoted to assistant video coach. 

According to the document that the 26-year-old woman shared on Twitter, which targets the organization of the Canucks and Castonguay, she was fired a little less than two months later, for a very trivial reason: she shared on her Instagram account an article that recounted the good words of head coach Bruce Boudreau about him.

And according to Doerrie, it is a campaign to smear Castonguay with other Canucks managers, including GM Patrick Allvin, which led to his dismissal.

“Ms. Castonguay is personally targeted in this complaint because of the central role she played in the dismissal of Ms. Doerrie, we read in the document. She used a thin pretext to orchestrate and hide the real reasons for her dismissal and is thus responsible for the discriminatory treatment that Ms. Doerrie suffered.”

Also according to the complaint, Castonguay did not welcome the news of Doerrie's promotion. The Quebecer would have met the latter to express her dissatisfaction with the sharing of Boudreau's comments on Instagram, while “it is customary for Canucks staff to share publications on their personal social networks without facing any consequences.”

The former player's agent allegedly accused Doerrie of disclosing her promotion to the media, which the latter still denies. Castonguay reportedly told her “she's not important enough to care about” and “maybe she doesn't have what it takes mentally to do the job.” p>

One factor to consider in this story is Doerrie's medical condition. She had revealed to the Canucks, before being hired, that she suffered from a heart condition and had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress.

On the eve of her dismissal , during Canucks training camp in Whistler, Doerrie was reportedly “ignored” and “isolated” by Castonguay, who was visibly unhappy with her promotion. The complainant suffered “several heart attacks and anxiety attacks” during this period, from September 21 to 25.

Doerrie thus filed a complaint with the organization's human resources department. A few hours later, CEO Allvin terminated his contract.

“As a woman who has worked hard to make her mark in a male-dominated industry, Ms. Doerrie expected that Ms. Castonguay offers her support, and not exploits other obstacles that she must face, such as her handicaps. For reasons that still elude Ms. Doerrie, this was not the case,” the complaint concludes.