Cap d'Agde: at the Clape campsite, customers are now invited to compost their bio-waste

Cap d'Agde: at the Clape campsite, customers are now invited to compost their bio-waste

Eggshells, spoiled fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds are placed in the contribution bins. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Cap d'Agde: at the Clape campsite, customers are now invited to compost their bio-waste

Le dispositif de tri a sa mascotte et même une chanson dédiée ! MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Bacs installés, personnel formé et vacanciers incités : un cercle vertueux se met en place, alors que des milliers de vacanciers vont investir les lieux cet été.

We cannot guarantee that you will spend the summer season in a tree costume, as does the courageous host who sings the anthem (rather well done, in fact) dedicated to the tree every evening. rsquo;ambitious sorting campaign initiated by the management of the La Clape campsite, will amuse us for a very long time! But we must admit that the idea is pretty good, judging by the number of selfies to which the disguise attendant willingly responds, especially with the children.

Sorted bio-waste that lightens trash bins

This device for composting bio-waste, which is peelings, eggshells, rotten fruits and vegetables as well as coffee grounds, was inaugurated on Tuesday July 2 in the campsite, in the presence of notably Ariel Bassoulet, master composter, according to the established term, of the Occitanie Citizen Compost Network, who came to label the second Hérault site, the twelfth in the region.

It was he who, last winter, came to train some of the campsite staff in composting techniques. He also helped the team size the facilities as best as possible. Equipment which includes intake bins, into which one of the site's representatives, Ahmed Belfakih, pours the contents of the buckets made available to tourists, which is then mixed with vegetable grinding from the plant. rsquo;all the cutting work on the campsite, and the maturation bins, in which the material continues to disintegrate to become compost."Between these two operations, it takes around 4 and a half months before obtaining quality compost", estimates Ariel, satisfied to see "that the vacationers play the game well and that the technical team is very motivated by this project."

Green spaces maintained in a closed circuit

For camping, a virtuous circle has begun. Because compost amends the soil, provides nutrients and allows the earth to maintain a certain level of humidity. Ideal on a site which has hundreds of plantations and thousands of square meters of green spaces, which can thus be maintained in a closed circuit.

But where the process is also interesting is in the quantity of waste collected by Sictom, as explained by Marina Seklou, executive officer of Cottage Parks, the company which operates the La Clape campsites. and Tamarissière. "We went from thirteen bins collected (the trash, Editor's note) to five this week", she congratulates herself. Knowing that glass represents 10% of recycled waste and packaging, which goes into the yellow bins, almost 40%, the reduction in non-recyclable waste is obviously excellent news. And good advertising for the Capagathois campsite, with its “ecochic” claimed.

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