Cap d'Agde: good news, Grande Conque beach should reopen in mid-July

Cap d'Agde: good news, Grande Conque beach should reopen in mid-July

The Grande Conque cliffs will be purged of their unstable blocks at the beginning of July. FREE MIDI – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Cap d'Agde: good news, Grande Conque beach should reopen in mid-July

L’accès par les côtés de la plage est toujours interdit… en théorie. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

La Ville a reçu le feu vert des Bâtiments de France pour purger la falaise de ses roches instables. Des cordistes interviendront au début du mois prochain.

On this Friday, June 21, there are around thirty bathers who have invested the Grande Conque, one of the most emblematic beaches of Agde, with its black sand born from the erosion of this volcanic flow and its Deux Frères rock to enhance the postcard.

But for several weeks now, access to this site has been prohibited. And the beachgoers of the day settle in at their own risk, taking in particular a path which overlooks the sea instead of the usual staircase dug in the 1950s, access to which was sentenced. The reason? A marked risk of landslide, noted last February by the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research, which recommended that work to purge the cliff be carried out as quickly as possible.

A beach sheltered from the Tramontana

Only problem: we had to obtain the approval of the architect of Bâtiments de France, because we are here on an exceptional natural site, which must not be damaged or disfigured under any circumstances. Good news: the valuable authorization has been issued, which will allow the City to commission a specialized company to carry out this work. So, at the beginning of July, rope access technicians will install their equipment and clear the cliff of unstable rocks. "We plan to reopen the beach in mid-July", we are informed at the town hall. To the great relief of bathers, who appreciate being able to take shelter from the Tramontane when it blows (a little too often in recent years!) on summer days.

The installation of a fence has been proposed: a heresy

However, this reopening of the Grande Conque will take place under certain conditions. And the first of these concerns safety of course, with a formal ban on unfolding your towel at the foot of the cliff, or even settling in the shelters under the rock that erosion has hollowed out. over the centuries. Initially, a company responsible for evaluating the different scenarios estimated that it was possible to “belt” the cliff with a heavy fence, as we can sometimes see in mountain areas, to secure highways for example. A heresy in such an exceptional site! It was therefore the second solution, that of purging the cliff, which was finally chosen.

Ganvels to demarcate the secure area

An operation which will be coupled with the installation of givelles all along the cliff and which will serve to delimit the area where it will be possible to settle down from that where it will be purely and simply prohibited. A barrier which may seem symbolic at first glance, but which could perhaps avoid a tragedy in the future. A tragedy and more surely a hefty fine, the police forces being determined to enforce these new regulations, which will have to be accommodated.

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