Cap d'Agde: the pink Kabane, new adventure of Christophe and Anne Caillaux

Cap d'Agde: the pink Kabane, new adventure of Christophe and Anne Caillaux

Anne et Christophe dans l’ancienne boutique VBCA, devenue une adresse gourmande. PHOTO GWENAELLE MONCHAUX

Ouverte il y a sept mois, l’adresse s’est déjà taillé une petite réputation.

Holidaymakers who thought they would find their favorite shoe boutique on Avenue des Sergents will be disappointed: last December, Anne Caillaux, who had run the VBCA brand since 2011, d  rsquo;first in rue Ernest-Renan then in Cap d’Agde since 2017, has in fact turned the page to embark on a whole new adventure alongside her husband Christophe, a chef-caterer by training and profession.

An activity launched on the Agde market

The premises are the same, not the destination. With their pink Kabane, the couple continued an activity launched during the second confinement, in 2020. "My shoe store was closed and we started selling our homemade fish soups on the Agde market, explains Anne. With some success, shall we say. Not only did the jars of soup sell like hot cakes, but the customers encouraged the couple to expand their product range, which did not fall on deaf ears.

Fish soup, macaronade, brandade…

For several months, in his lab, Christophe has been developing recipes that make the Kabane rose a success. The soup with fish from the Criée, we said, but also the macaronade, a bull herd, the brandade or stuffed mussels. Generous portions of tarts with original flavors are also available for sale all summer.

To date, most of these products are sold in jars to be kept refrigerated, with a use-by date of three months. "The second phase of the project would be to be able to develop a real cannery, but still on a human scale and in an artisanal way", hopes Anne, who can count on a clientele that is not only local, but also made up of owners of second homes who like to take the products back to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Savoie or Auvergne once their stay in Cap d'Agde is over. In just six months, word of mouth is already going strong for Kabane Rose.

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