Cap d'Agde: video wall, tasteful decor, redesigned reception… the new reception of the tourist office has opened its doors

Cap d'Agde: video wall, tasteful decor, redesigned reception... the new reception of the tourist office has opened its doors

Christian Bèzes et Éric Nogues devant l’impressionnant mur vidéo installé face à l’entrée. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS

After four months of work, the agents are in their new walls.

With 350 visits for the single day of Saturday April 6, the opening date of this new structure, we see that the Cap d’Agde Méditerranée tourist office does not ;did not miss the commissioning of its new reception premises, located on the ground floor of one of the Iconic buildings.

Barely three months of work

It only took three months of work for the Agathois architect Philippe Escamez, the scenographer Virginio Gaudenzi and the Gard museographer Éric Nogues to carry out a project entirely financed from the office's own funds. tourism which, it is worth noting, owns the walls, just like in Pézenas elsewhere.

Christian Bèzes: "at the height of the station"

For the director of the intercommunal OT, Christian Bèzes, this modern equipment "is up to the image and reputation of the station and its management office. tourism, holder of the Qualité Tourisme brand and classified, at national level, in category 1, which corresponds to the highest level of excellence." 

We cannot blame him, as the designers' bias offers the visitor an immersion in a universe which no longer has anything to do with the historic Bulle. Curved reception desk and giant counter-curved screen, undulated ceiling, floor reminiscent of the movements of sand on the beach, refined furniture designed to store all the documentation… everything has been done with the comfort of vacationers in mind – 50,000 per year on average since the 80s –, who will obviously always be able to benefit from the wise advice of the hostesses.

Regional companies on site

Something rare enough to be highlighted is that almost all of the companies that worked on the site are based in Occitanie. Concerning Agde, note the seats manufactured by the Coste saddlery, in the heart of the town, which will allow children to take a break while their parents get information. Welcome to the tourism of the century!

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