Captain America return to the cinema ? Chris Evans talks about his future in the MCU

Captain America de retour au cinéma ? Chris Evans parle de son futur dans le MCU

Captain America return to the cinema ? Chris Evans talks about his future

Avengers Endgame, released this summer in the cinema, was it really the last movie of Chris Evans in the skin of Captain America in the MCU ? The actor has just come to confide on his future at Marvel.

Chris Evans return in the MCU ?

Despite the death of his character in Avengers Endgame, Scarlett Johansson will be back at the cinema in the skin of Black Widow in 2020 thanks to a story in the past. What give ideas to Chris Evans, who has seen Steve Rogers to travel in time and take his retirement this summer ? This is what the actress has tried to find out in an interview staged by Variety.

Could you come back ?” she asked the interpreter to Captain America, to which the latter replied : “At Marvel ? You can never say never. And I love this character. So I don’t know“. The door would be already open for a future miracle ?

An end to protect

Yes, but mostly not. If the actor has entrusted to you “This is not a ” non ” crude“, he also said “but this is not a ” yes ” enthusiastic“. After all, Chris Evans has reminded his ex-partner, he and the authors of the MCU have turned the page : “there are other things on which I’m currently working on. I found that Cape had a complicated history to hold out until at the end, and they have done wonders in providing him with such a conclusion to his adventure.

And as if that was not enough to understand his reticence in the face of such return, the actor then took the opportunity to compliment Scarlett Johnasson on the end of Steve Rogers to add : “It would be terrible to ruin it. I am very protective. (…) I said ‘no’ many times and there were a thousand and one ways not to be successful [this end]. It gives the sense that, perhaps, we should not touch it“.

Fortunately, we will soon have the right to film Ant-Man 3 , to console us. How is it, it only worsens your depression ?! Oops.

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