Captain Marvel in the Book of Records : a fan has seen the movie… 116 times in the cinema

Captain Marvel dans le Livre des Records : un fan a vu le film... 116 fois au cinéma

Captain Marvel : a fan has beaten the record for the most number of viewing at the cinema

While the binge-watching will typically watch many episodes of series/films to each other, an American, has used this concept to… see Captain Marvel the most time possible at the cinema. Stupid ? Yes, but it is now in the Record books.

What’s the point of having a social life when you can spend his time holed up in a cinema to watch the same movie in a loop ? This is the question that should ask Steve Ruppel – an american from Wisconsin, before embarking on a challenge as useless than not. Which one ? That Captain Marvel the most time possible in a dark room.

A record very special for Marvel

Willing to do anything to enter the guinness Book of Records and as well have its place alongside the person with the longest nails and the one with the largest number of hairs on the body, this fan of the MCU has thus redoubled its inventiveness to offer a hundred of head-to-head with Brie Larson.

The micro WSAW, he said : “Given the time that it takes, I had to take vacation days, lengthen my breaks dej in order to be able to fit the duration of a film. And I was using my time on weekends instead of doing other things“. Result, in almost a month and a half, he was able to see the movie… 116 times ! Yes, you read that correctly, this is the equivalent of 14 268 minutes of his life. And for the anecdote, it has been shown 7 times in the course of a single day.

A real preparation

A record totally stupid that was gassed : “It has been really difficult. I don’t see myself doing it again. (…) It was the thing most crazy possible, I didn’t even know that was possible“, but who has asked for a little preparation. And for good reason, in order to avoid that its performance goes to the hatch, and that the time lost is even more, he had to put in place some schemes to register the record : “For it to be official, I had to take a few photos, like in front of a poster, and I had to have the written word of two witnesses, who claimed that I was truly present“.

All super-heroes do not wear a cape, some also eat popcorn. Find it soon in “Secret Story” 78.


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