“Captain Ukraine” in your face Marvel I DC: what is known about our superhero

"Капитан Украина" утрет нос Marvel і DC: что известно о нашем супергерое

Lyubomir Levitsky

today, 19:42

In 2020, will start shooting of the first Ukrainian to the superhero blockbuster, which has loud name “Captain Ukraine”. The new movie has all the chances to outdo the characters kynoselen Marvel and DC.

About it Know.ia said the famous Director and producer Lubomir Levitsky.

"Капитан Украина" утрет нос Marvel і DC: что известно о нашем супергерое

Lyubomir Levitsky

For a time he lived in Los Angeles, where he got acquainted with the Hollywood movie industry.

“I went to the USA for the sake of creating your own project. The first stage was to obtain documents. Without a green card it is impossible to build any career in the United States, so my family and I have two years there. In parallel, we wrote the script. To date, the project is at the stage of search of stars because it was cheap – a budget of two million dollars. If you want to make the project successful, we need a star. In Hollywood if you don’t have a lot of money, you need a lot of time, so we are looking for options to build a chart so we could remove the star, as is, on back yard backyard. That is, it’s kind of a friendly suggestion. And right now we are looking for an actor”, – said Lubomir.

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We are talking about the Thriller “the Skeleton” (Skeleton in the closet), which is now in the development phase.

"Капитан Украина" утрет нос Marvel і DC: что известно о нашем супергерое

Lubomir said that this film can play a major role Schwarzenegger, but not Arnold and his son Patrick.

"Капитан Украина" утрет нос Marvel і DC: что известно о нашем супергерое

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger

“We are in communication with the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger Patrick. Because he is very much suited for the role. And there are still a few options before going to voice them. Perhaps someone will appear who we do not know. We are not in a hurry yet, because this is a project that is not tied to time. This is a very cool story about hackers”, – said Levitsky.

The Director said that he refused from the idea to remove the joint American-Ukrainian movie.

“I first wanted to do a joint production with the US, while I’m in the Studio, the producers are not dissuaded. Yet it would be a waste of time. Ukraine is very far away. Ukraine is not a market for the United States. While it is very early to talk about co-productions and joint projects. Now I can’t connect these two markets. In the US, I make an American movie, in Ukraine I’m going to make a major Ukrainian film that is a dream of mine for many years. For me it’s more than a movie, because here we are changing the General approach to filmmaking, the approach to the film business, we come up with a new model of producing, creating something new. Because the genre in which I am involved is a superhero movie, which, in principle, still is not in Ukraine, and I wonder to do it,” admitted Thomas.

He said that in 2020, plans to start shooting the blockbuster “Captain Ukraine”.

"Капитан Украина" утрет нос Marvel і DC: что известно о нашем супергерое

“I never took money of the state, but the business model of my project “Captain Ukraine” requires support of any kind. I intend to go to the support of the state, 40% of the budget. The pitching should be in the spring, we will prepare to serve, and shooting is planned this year”, – said the Director.

About his superhero movie Levitsky began filming a vlog, which you can already learn some interesting details.

Who is “Captain Ukraine”

This is not a copy of Marvel or DC. This is an original movie with an adapted hero.

“I found the story that I like very much love the Ukrainians, I am very sure. The name is very provocative, I understand. Think, again, it’s a copy of Captain America or even the blueprint of something, something cheap and of poor quality. Actually, no! It will be a completely new story, original. An unprecedented thing in Ukraine”, – said Lubomir.

According to him, once in Ukraine (in 1900) lived at Poltava Yuri Budyak. It was a Ukrainian journalist who fought for the truth. He went to Africa to defend the people by the Boers, who fought with the British. A year later he was in the army and he became a captain.

“At one point he saved the life of one journalist, who did not shoot and gave it to the British. It was Winston Churchill. These Boers, as a friend called him the captain of the Ukraine, because it was hard to say his name. I thought it was very cool background, in order to create a modern hero. It will be a journalist”, is all that has yet to tell about the hero Lubomir Levitsky.

He was confident that the Ukrainians will be pleasantly surprised in theaters.

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