CAQ must hold Trudeau to account for Roxham Road

CAQ must demand accounts from Trudeau for Roxham Road

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The CAQ must quickly hold the Trudeau government to account for the lifting of the ban on using the irregular passage of Roxham Road used by asylum seekers.

“This is the absurdity. There is a voluntary action on the part of the federal government and that generates astronomical costs. The federal government opens it up and Quebec pays. Hundreds of millions of dollars. We demand a plan from the CAQ. We fear that the CAQ will do like the Liberals and turn a blind eye, ”says the leader of the PQ.

The ban is lifted

Ottawa has the ban on taking the irregular passage used by asylum seekers was lifted on Saturday. Nurses have even been hired to be assigned to Roxham's post.

The PQ does not want to prevent asylum claims, but demands that this irregular parallel process cease.

“During the pandemic, the federal government demonstrated to us that illegal roads could be closed. We know that 90% of irregular and illegal entries into Canada are made via Roxham Road and Quebec. There are also security issues, ”adds Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Earlier this week, the Conservative MP for Richmond-Arthabaska in the House of Commons, Alain Rayes, denounced the entry illegal of several people before refugees fleeing violence abroad.

Roxham Road had been closed since March 2020 for “health reasons”. At that time, several dozen migrants were taking this route every day.

It is not known whether the influx there will be as large in the coming months as what was seen before the COVID-19 pandemic. . & nbsp;

The vast majority

According to existing rules, asylum seekers must comply with strict public health measures, including quarantine and testing requirements. & nbsp;

In 2018, some 95% of migrants who entered the country irregularly did so via Roxham Road.

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