Car crash on the lap of Santa Claus fell in love with, about her husband not a word, “I was tormented by jealousy!”

Заворотнюк на коленях у Деда Мороза призналась в любви, о муже ни слова: "Я мучилась ревностью!"

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Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk continues to struggle with cancer of the brain and according to the doctors will stay in the hospital another few weeks.

Meanwhile, journalist Oleg Baranov told how in a suit of Santa Claus congratulated the “perfect nanny” to the new year. Then she gave him a confession about his first love.

So, eleven years ago, a car crash has admitted that she was unhappy because of the amorous experiences.

“It happened about five or six. I met him in Theatre. There he staged “Romeo and Juliet”. The main female role was played by the mother, and Romeo – artist Yury Mineev,” said the actress.

Заворотнюк на коленях у Деда Мороза призналась в любви, о муже ни слова: "Я мучилась ревностью!"

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

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Zavorotnyuk added that it was love at first sight. Usually before a performance in the Astrakhan youth Theatre Mineev planted her on his shoulders, and the young Zavorotnyuk firmly held artist hands and “felt that he belongs only to me.”

When it was time to go on stage, Yuri was filming her from the shoulders and said, “Nastya, wait for me backstage.”

“I was tormented by jealousy, because there he was making out with Juliet!”, noted then Zavorotnyuk.

We will remind, the family of car crash harshly reacted to the emergence of a network of archival photographs of the actress.

As reported by the portal Znayu recently assistant Zavorotnyuk commented on the rumors about the blocking of accounts of the husband of the actress.

The portal also Znayu wrote that cancer patient Zavorotnyuk started hunting.

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