Car parks on the beaches of Vendres, Valras, Sérignan: Where ? How much ?

Car parks on the beaches of Vendres, Valras, Sérignan: Where ? How much ?

Le parking de la Grande Maïre, à Sérignan-Plage, est payant du 15 juin au 15 septembre. AJ – ML

Que ce soit à Sérignan, Vendres ou Valras, où garer son véhicule pour profiter des plages du littoral biterrois et à quel prix ? Récapitulatif.

Summer is here. It's time to enjoy the beaches of Béziers. To get there, you can opt for public transport, the most ecological way but which, sometimes, is not the most practical. Sérignan and Vendres offer a wild but protected coastline, away from the villages, unlike Valras and its urban beaches. But in all cases, over time, the municipalities have set up car parks or parking areas that allow you to sunbathe in peace. But where to park and at what price ? Follow the guide

1 Vendres-Plage: it's free

It's simple, in Vendres-Plage, from the port of Chichoulet, at the mouth of the Aude, to the chemin des Pêcheurs (where the hut of La Nomada, on the edge of Valras-Plage), parking is free on the 840 spaces available at the resort. But, as indicated by Isabelle Paget, the general director of city services: "Please note that most of the parking areas are on natural sites which are appropriate to protect."

Here are the different places to park: along the Aude to the beach, the mouth car park, with around 120 spaces; on the port captaincy side (200 places); the Montilles car park, between the Sablières and Mûriers campsites (50 spaces); the large Forum car park, where the market is located (300 spaces); the English car park, at the Canisses hut (50 spaces), the Roca car park, behind the La Yole campsite (70 spaces) and finally on the Chemin des Pêcheurs, where, on the right side, you are in Vendres (50 places) and, on the left side, you are at Valras-Plage.

2 Valras-Plage : free and paid areas

In Valras, within a certain area, parking is paid from June 15 to September 15, every day, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Contrary to what was announced at the municipal council, the paid zone, the heart of the city, which was to be extended by three streets, is not moving. To find out the perimeter, go to the city website ( Here is the list of paid car parks: Giraud (40 spaces), Magrou (100 spaces), boulevard Jean-Moulin (seafront) (600 spaces), Indochine (100 spaces), Charles-Thomas (85 spaces), Panis (70 places) School (80 places). Rates: €1.20/hour; daily rate, 7 € ; weekly package, 35 €. The same rates are applied in the streets of the paying city center zone.

In addition, traders, health professionals and employees of home help associations operating in Valras can benefit from a “season” (for three months). It is 100 € for traders, 30 € for the others. The same goes for residents (residents of Valras, owner-occupiers of a second home) who can also benefit from the “season” of 30 €.

Holidaymakers can also take out a seasonal subscription in closed car parks: “Schools” (from July 8 to September 15, 37 places, €50 per week, €95 for two weeks); “Mairie-Thérèse”, towards the Alcyon hotel (from June 15 to September 15, 40 € per week; 110 € per month); the car park on avenue Gambetta (from June 15 to September 15, 40 € per week, 110 € per month).
The resort does, however, have free parking areas, served by a free shuttle to go to the beaches: Récanette (Espace Guy-Combes), Rives d’Orb (Prud’homie), Jasse New, Ponant, for a total of 477 places.

In addition, the station has 103 parking spaces in the blue zone, which allow free parking for 45 minutes. You must, of course, affix the blue disc to your vehicle. Finally, a small part of Orpellières (Sérignan-Plage) being located in the town of Valras, two free car parks must be added for this station; The Tellines and Sea and Sun.

3 Sérignan-Plage: paid parking

In Sérignan-Plage, parking is free except in the Grande Maïre ​​car park (located at the back of the resort, by the sea), from June 15 to September 15, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Prices: 3 € in the morning, 4 € in the afternoon, 6 € the full day. Parking remains free for people with reduced mobility as well as for scooters and motorcycles. It is placed under video surveillance.

However, Sérignan-Plage has various free car parks or parking areas. On the residential side, the motorist has a small car park at the entrance, on the right, and a much larger one, called Séoune, (which has 450 spaces) with access to the beach. The rest of the free places are in Orpellières, the large Natura 2000 area where you can find the naturist beach: 250 places in the very large car park at the entrance, to which must be added around a hundred places on three different sites, advancing towards the mouth of the Orb.

Valras: Who collects ? Who benefits from the plums ?

Valras' parking revenues are collected by the City, managed by Daniel Ballester. "In 2023, from June 15 to September 15, the amount of parking meters and various subscriptions (retailers, health professionals, employees of home help associations working in Valras, closed car parks) will increase. student at 500,000 euros", indicates Rémi Teillet, the general director of services (DGS).

He continues: "We also collect the post-parking fee: it’s not really the report, it’s when the ;rsquo;motorist pays immediately to regularize his situation, respecting the deadlines. Also during last season, the City collected 85,000 euros." 

If the offenders pay later, the money goes into the coffers of the Departmental Directorate of Public Finances, therefore the State. The same goes for fines. "But you should know that this is not net revenue because we have expenses: operating with eight public highway surveillance agents (ASVP) , not to mention the maintenance of the necessary equipment; investment too. For example, in 2022, we bought parking meters for 200,000 €."

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