Car Vlad the Pit damaged: details and video

In Odessa with the car of the showman, unknown removed the mirror

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Автомобиль Влада Ямы повредили: подробности и видео

Choreographer Vlad Yama

Just a week ago star choreographer Vlad Yama, he happily reported that he went on vacation. A showman, with his wife Liliana and son Leon flew to Dubai. During the holidays in warmer climes Vlad Yama shared bright images in the social network. Marred the positive page choreographer’s latest Instagram video.

The vacation is over, and now Vlad Yama resides in Odessa. “The pearl of the sea” this time the best memories. The fact that in Odessa with star car removed the mirrors and left a note, which stated the phone number where to call and find out the conditions for the return of stolen mirrors. The details of the incident with Vlad Yama shared on his page in Instagram.

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“Friends, I often offered help in Odessa, now you can. Today in the 3.10 the night on the assumption 55 of the car took off the mirror. The big request to return. Or return craftsmen, better without the hands,” says Vlad Yama.

Note, the removal of car spare parts and license plates and the requirement of funds for their return – a common scheme of earning intruders. The police are generally powerless in such cases.

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Watch the video on how to protect your car from thieves:

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