Cara Delevingne for the first time openly spoke about his personal life

26-year-old model loves to gush

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Кара Делевинь впервые откровенно заговорила о своей личной жизни

Cara Delevingne

26-year-old Cara Delevingne, who, according to media reports, recently secretly married in Las Vegas with his beloved 29-year-old Ashley Benson for the first time openly spoke about his personal life and why she doesn’t like to give publicity to a romantic relationship.

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In an interview with Elle, the model is touched on the topic of personal life. According to her, love helps her to feel better, but the most beautiful when a person can share happiness with someone else.”

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“I just feel better when in love. It is not always about falling in love in a particular person. Sometimes it’s a feeling only inside yourself. However, this is fine when you’re not alone and can share the whole world with anybody else”, – said the model.

To all, Kara is gone from the answer why it almost does not advertise its relationship with the sweetheart, Ashley Benson. According to the model, the subject’s personal life for her secret and she is not willing to share it with the world.

“It is sacred! I understand why people care so much about my personal life, and I don’t want to hide it so that everyone thought that I was something shameful. I have never been in a relationship for show. We initially kept it a secret and did not need attention. It’s not the same as to pose together on the track”, – frankly said Delevingne.

Note that the pair for a long time did not comment on the affair. Cara Delevingne has confirmed the relationship with a lover a passionate kiss in June 2019. However, the first information about the relationship of Kara and Ashley appeared back in August 2018, when they met two months.

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