Carabins: Lots of new faces on the offensive line

Carabins: Lots of new faces on the offensive line


With two consecutive Quebec championships and impressive recruiting, the Université de Montréal Carabins will once again be very talented in 2022.

Even if the he head coach Marco Iadeluca affirms that “all positions are at stake”, it would be very surprising, even unimaginable, if Jonathan Sénécal were not the starting quarterback or if defensive back Kaylyn St-Cyr was benched. On the other hand, there is a huge question mark concerning the identity of the players who will form the line in attack of the Blues this season.

“Last year we had between 70 and 80 games of starting experience in all the guys that played. This year, we are going back to evaluation to find the best combination. We will give everyone a chance. It's a big evaluation challenge,” said offensive line coach Mathieu Pronovost.

Among the big guys who have experience as a starter on the university circuit, he Only two remain in the 2022 edition of the Carabins: Marc-Antoine Houde and Alexandre Levac.

The former is also making a return to competition after suffering a terrible leg injury during a match against the Concordia Stingers last year.

“This is the first time that “He's been training with contact ever since,” Pronovost said of Houde on Saturday, the first day of training camp. He worked so hard to come back, he's quite a soldier.”

Adapting to the level

There will therefore be several of them putting in the work doubles in the coming days and weeks, in order to find a position to protect Sénécal.

This is also the case of Alassane Diouf. The freshman was one of the most coveted athletes in 2022 recruiting. Despite his status, he still has to prove himself, which is a first for him since donning shoulder pads and a helmet. /p>

“Unpretentious, I've always been a starter and I haven't experienced much competition for my position since I started playing football,” Diouf said. I love what I'm living right now! I have to be 100% in all training and all my repetitions. The other guys do the same. If you don't give your best, you don't deserve to play.”

Very honest in his answers, Diouf did not hide that he was impressed by the level of intensity during from the first day of camp.

“It's a big step compared to college,” he said. There is so much talent in this team, it's impressive.

If he did not manage to establish himself as a starter during the camp, Diouf, like all his teammates on the line at the attack, will have several chances to win a regular position during the 2022 season.

“It may very well be that we have young people who will be ready at the start, but who will be overtaken later by guys who have a bit more experience. It's also possible that it's going too quickly for our newcomers and that they won't be ready before mid-season. We will be in evaluation throughout the season,” said Pronovost.