“Caravan” of trucks from Russia illegally crossed border of Ukraine. Video

"Караваны" грузовиков из России незаконно пересекают границу Украины. Видео

The Russian convoy illegally crossed the border of Ukraine at the DonbassDrone of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded a convoy of trucks that night crossed the border of Russia with Ukraine in the area where there are no checkpoints, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Main

It is stated in the report of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

On the Youtube channel of the OSCE to publish selected video footage, filmed on 7 August with the help of UAVs.

So, August 7 at 22.15 SMM UAV long range found a convoy of eight six-wheeled trucks with covered tarpaulin cargo Bay, which moved East on the road near the settlement Chistyakovoy, which is not under Ukrainian control.

Near the village of Manych,about 3.5 km from the border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the column turned East onto a dirt road that runs across the border.

Then the drone of the OSCE recorded the second column of eight trucks, which moved in a westerly direction from the border with Russia the same dirt road. Two columns drove past each other.

Approximately 23.25 UAV took a moment return the first column from Ukraine the same dirt road.

According to the observations of the OSCE convoy, which was moving in a westerly direction, continued movement to the West and eventually stopped on the southern edge of the occupied village item Crystal (former Red Beam) to 01.16 8 Aug.

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