Cardi B, Ariana Grande… many stars support Bernie Sanders, but who is he ?

Cardi B, Ariana Grande... De nombreuses stars soutiennent Bernie Sanders, mais qui est-il ?

Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B, Ariana Grande… The stars support Bernie Sanders, but who is he ?

Hollywood and politics, this is a great story of love. After Barack Obama, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to be adored by many stars. Like who ? Of the top Emily Ratajkowski, the rapper Cardi B passing by the singer Ariana Grande, there was support from several celebrities. But who is really a candidate in the democratic primary for the u.s. presidential election of 2020 ?

Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B, Ariana Grande… The stars are supporting Bernie Sanders

Part of the many celebrities engaged, Emily Ratajkowski is not just a top who loves to pose in the nude, in a bikini, or play it sexy on Instagram. She is also a feminist and environmental activist. And above all, in politics, the model does not hesitate to show his political ideas. On social networks, it clearly shows who are going to vote : Bernie Sanders.

“One of the most interesting things about the young people who support Bernie Sanders is that he is not a young candidate sexy. What he said is so much what people want,” she said about the democratic candidate who hopes to conduct a campaign for the american presidential election. “It is powerful, not because of the person he is but through his way of singing the praises of the people” had even explained Emily Ratajkowski, who had even given a speech of support at the democratic primary in 2016 in favor of the applicant.

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“Bernie is extremely genuine. He’s consist. He’s powerful, not because of who he is as one person, but because of the way he invigorates people and excites them, and brings together this movement.” -@emrata

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And Emrata is not the only one to support Bernie Sanders. Cardi B also has said it supported the political man, born as she was to New York. During the summer of 2019, they had even encountered in a nail salon to talk about different subjects such as police violence on black men, the rise as expected in the minimum wage or student loan debt.

Since she had met the senator, the rapper has even want to get into politics, as other celebrities such as Kanye West or Cynthia Nixon. His dream ? The Congress. And Bernie Sanders supports it in its turn, as he said to TMZ : “Cardi B is deeply concerned by what is happening in the country. She knows what it is like to live in poverty and struggle, and this would be great for her to bring this experience to the policy”.

Bernie Sanders, and Cardi B speaking policy

Ariana Grande is also part of the faithful fans of Bernie Sanders. The interpreter of 7 Rings were even laid in his arms, all smiles, explaining in the caption on Twitter : “thank you senator Sanders for coming to my show, you have enriched my evening and for all why you fight”. “I want to thank Ariana Grande for having been not only a wonderful artist but also for being a great advocate for social justice. We must all be ready – as shown by Ariana – to fight for all those who are struggling. It was great to meet her in Atlanta last night,” he responded in the comments.

Among the other supports famous as a politician, he was also the actor Kendrick Sampson (who has made appearances in The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural), or the groups The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend. These last two have also played this weekend at the meeting of Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A practice of “endorsement” that is very widespread in the United States, and especially well-rehearsed around this candidate. But as History reminds us (Hillary Clinton and the stars, who supported Beyoncé Eva Longoria via Katy Perry), this technique is not always paid off (it is Donald Trump who has been elected even though he had virtually no actors or singers in its support).

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Involved in this movement. One that is not about just Bernie goal ALL OF US seeking collective liberation. I honestly believe that oppressive systems and leaders and more scared of this campaign than any other because it’s not JUST about the candidate. It’s about US. It’s about Bernie listening to, following and using his platform to amplify the causes of liberation, and leaders fighting for the most vulnerable all over this country and the world. This movement has shift politics more in 4 years than it has in decades. Because of US. That’s why the tag line is #NotMeUs Let’s take it to the next level y’all! #repost @berniesanders “I have seen him listen and act, and that makes me very confidant about his consistency, confident in his values, confident in his purpose and that he knows his purpose and that he’s going to follow it.” @kendrick38

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Who is he ?

Currently a senator in the Congress of the United States for Vermont (since 2007), Bernie Sanders is above all speak of him in this moment because he is a candidate in the democratic primary, in the view of the american presidential election in November 2020. Its purpose ? Beat Donald Trump and becoming in turn president of the USA. And if the man is 78-year-old manages to integrate the White House in Washington DC, he promised a political revolution.

Prior to that, Bernie Sanders was mayor of Burlington and a member of the House of representatives of the United States. And in 2016, he had already been campaigning as a democratic candidate socialist in the democratic primary. No bowl for him, they had been won by Hillary Clinton at the time (who had then been beaten by Donald Trump in the presidential election).

This Monday, February 3, 2020, the democratic primary have been launched in Iowa. Problem, nothing happened as expected. At the time of writing, the results have still not been disclosed. Suddenly, Bernie Sanders has released a statement in which he ensures to be in the lead of votes of Iowa with 29,66% of the votes, in front of Pete Buttigieg (who would have harvested 24,59% of the vote). But if he and his team are confident of having won, the figures quoted are not official and represent only 40% of the centres of the votes. So nothing is played and this is only the beginning.

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