Cardi B is loose in a box of striptease : its story sexy and trashy shocks his fans

Cardi B se lâche dans une boîte de strip-tease : sa story sexy et trash choque ses fans

Cardi B is loose in a box of striptease : its story sexy and trashy shocks his fans

We don’t know if Cardi B “is very distinguished” (kudos to those who have the reference), but it is known that the rapper is the first to play in a box of striptease. The companion to Offest the has shown on Instagram, when she wants to let go, she does not pretend, even to shock his fans…

The basic Cardi B had an appointment in Lagos, Nigeria, in order to perform on stage with Davido on Saturday 7 December. But as the rapper never does anything like everyone else, before the show in concert, she used her free time to do the show… in a box of striptease.

Cardi B live his best life with strippers

You read well, rather than resting at the hotel, do a few vocalises in his room and watch Mask Singer like everyone in the world, the future star of Fast & Furious 9 is raging as never before in a strip club. And when one uses the word “unleash”, it is not for nothing. In storys Instagram (forbidden to under 18 years of age), we were thus able to discover the artist in the process of swinging bundles of greenbacks in the crowd and make it rain money on countless pairs of buttocks.

Because yes, even if it means being in a strip-club, Cardi B is fun until after paying for lapdance more sexy and crazy than anything we can usually see on the net. Clearly, if a pure soul, hitching a ride in his storys that night, it must now be shocked to life.

Fans divided

And in fact, the behavior of the star divided much of the public today. If Cardi B is obviously what she wants in her private life, some people criticize him, however, to have shared so much nudity to fans who are not always major. On the other hand, there are those who make fun of this situation and swing their best valves on the social networks.

Anyway, we don’t know for you, but we would have loved to see the reaction of Cardi B up to discover his storys of the night…

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