Cardiac coherence: two Gardois who make the French breathe easier

Cardiac coherence: two Gardois who make the French breathe easier

Jean-Louis and David, two great specialists in cardiac coherence based in Gard. ALISSANDRE GERMAN – Alissandre Allemand

Cardiac coherence: two Gardois who make the French breathe easier

Jean-Louis et David, deux grands spécialistes de la cohérence cardiaque installés dans le Gard. ALISSANDRE ALLEMAND – Alissandre Allemand

Jean-Louis Portalès and David O’Hare work hand in hand to allow everyone to gain efficiency and serious serenity in breathing and cardiac coherence. A practice now used by the Army.

Because breath is life and breathing consciously can dramatically improve existence, Jean-Louis Portalès, based in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, has imagined a tool practical and functional to help people in their quest to be better. Simply by breathing.

Thus was born the "Zenspire". An ingenious box that allows everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to set their breathing to a precise rhythm alternating between inspiration and expiration according to their current needs. Relax, concentrate, energize. Everything is possible as long as you breathe at the right frequency. The latter being given (depending on the model chosen) thanks to a light signal, a vibration or even a melody.

Improve your health naturally

It was by observing his father suffering from impressive asthma attacks that Jean-Louis Portalès became interested in the mechanisms of asthma from a very young age. breathing. "Obviously, I was very early confronted with the power of breath and the powers of controlled breathing. And therefore cardiac coherence", explains this great sportsman, sports educator with alpine skiing and diving option, competitor and passionate freediver, sports coach, yoga teacher… He quickly realizes the benefits of ample and deep breathing on mental and physical health, on the management of stress and emotions. ;and of course, on sporting performances.

"It is clear that thanks to breathing and the implementation of practical exercises like those of  nbsp;cardiac coherence, it is really possible to improve your health. When I discovered cardiac coherence, it was a revelation for me, and I began to study it with passion.

An ultra-simple technique

A passion that led Jean-Louis Portalès to meet, then become friends, with David O’Hare, THE international specialist in cardiac coherence who has trained hundreds of therapists and health professionals in Europe and America from the North, and who has lived for 30 years… In Nimes. The Canadian general practitioner of origin, is the author of numerous works on the subject, including the essential Cardiac Coherence 3. 6. 5, named after the method of which he is the author and which is taken up by all cardiac coherence specialists since.

"3. 6.5, like 3 times a day, 6 breaths per minute for 5 minutes. It’is an ultra-simple and ultra-effective stress management technique provided that we practice regularly", notes David O’Hare. To do this, you must inhale deeply through your nose for 5 seconds while adopting abdominal breathing (i.e. letting your stomach expand), then blow out deeply through your mouth for 5 seconds. 5 seconds, still with your stomach. "Repeat this alternation of inspiration/exhalation 18 to 30 times (6 breaths per minute for 3 to 5 minutes). Note that for anatomical and physiological reasons, cardiac coherence does not work well in the lying position. It is best to practice sitting comfortably in a chair, with your back straight (but not rigid), both feet on the ground, or standing."

A nomadic breathing coach

From their passionate exchanges and the many benefits they observe in the people they follow, Jean-Louis Portalés has the idea of ​​creating an object that can help anyone to follow a breathing leading to cardiac coherence in an easy way. “When we manage to regulate our breathing, all our vital functions harmonize, mainly leading to better stress management. It's simple, but you still have to breathe at the right pace”, notes Jean-Louis. "So yes, guides exist, in the form of audio or applications, but they are not necessarily adapted to the constraints of everyday life."

In addition, there are dozens of studies demonstrating the link between stress and smartphones and the need to disconnect has never been more relevant. It is therefore in this context that at the beginning of 2019, the Zenspire range was born. These first nomadic breathing coaches are not connected and ultra-easy to use. The success was immediate and national. The Zenspire relax and the Sleep were voted product of the year 2020. And have been sold ever since in major brands and the most well-known shopping sites.

Used by the military

The success and benefits are such that the army is very interested in this tool. In 2020, it developed in collaboration with the IRBA (Army Biomedical Research Institute) the Zenspire Army, a new portable, waterproof and shockproof device. It is intended for defense and security professionals, institutions and public services, version V3 was presented at the Eurosatory World Defense and Security Conference in June 2024.

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