Cardiac patients more at risk of dying

Les patients cardiaques plus à risque de mourir

Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory diseases are the major factors that have increased the risk of dying from the COVID-19 in Quebec.

This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that we get the figures as accurate on the risk factors among people who died of the coronavirus in Quebec.

The data were provided by the ministry of Health as a result of a request for access to information from our Office of investigation.

They are drawn from the forms filled by the doctors during each of the deaths caused by the COVID-19, between the months of march and 2 June.

At the head of the list is cardiovascular disease as the main risk factor. They are mentioned as additional cause of death in 12.1 % of deaths due to the coronavirus.

Following hypertension (11.2 percent), and diabetes (7.3 per cent), and then respiratory diseases (7.2 per cent).

It was also noted that the ” neurological disorders or neuromuscular “, a designation very large, are mentioned in 9.6 % of cases.

It should be noted that doctors are not required to add a risk factor or a pre-existing condition when they fill the form of death.

In the majority of cases, or 81% of the forms, they do not mention any, according to the ministry of Health.

Not a surprise

But, in general, these data are not a surprise.

They resemble those of the studies already published elsewhere in the world on this subject.

The physicians practicing in the field are not surprised. This is the case of Dr. Michel De Marchie, intensivist at the Montreal jewish general Hospital.

“The diabetes, the cardiovascular diseases are very important, probably the two most important factors. To that, one adds the high blood pressure, and I think it is a trilogy undeniable “, he said in an interview.


Moreover, the document of the ministry of Health contains a given surprising. The risk factor ” post-partum < = 6 weeks “, that is to say, a woman who gave birth six weeks ago or less, is associated with 0.1% of cases.

In other words, at least one woman reportedly died of the COVID-19 in Quebec after having given birth, according to ministry data.

► Additional cases of deaths due to COVID-19

  • Cardiovascular disease : 12,1 %
  • High blood pressure : 11,2 %
  • Neurological disorders or neuromuscular : 9,6 %
  • Diabetes : 7.3 per cent
  • Respiratory disease : 7,2 %
  • Kidney disease : 5 %
  • Cancer : 4,4 %
  • Severe obesity : 1,5 %
  • Liver disease : 1.1% of
  • Smoking : 0.9% the
  • Post-partum : < = 0,1 %

*Source : ministry of Health and social Services.

– With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois

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