Cardinal Lacroix disappointed by the public Health

Le cardinal Lacroix déçu par la Santé publique

The archbishop of Quebec, cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix, was criticized, on Sunday, the lack of listening by the government and the public Health in connection with the reopening of places of worship in the province.

Archbishop Lacroix has called, in a public statement following a mass at the basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré on Sunday, the leaders of the major religious communities of Quebec were united in their efforts to try to voice their concerns to the government. The places of worship had proposed protocols to be able to resume their ceremonies in a time of COVID-19, while respecting the health rules.

“Unfortunately, we must note that there has been little or no recognition of all these efforts. […] This leaves me with the impression that the government authorities do not take us seriously and that they want to ignore our existence,” said the clergyman.

According to him, the Church has had to be content to communicate with third parties and has not been able to have access to government officials and the public Health.

“While the sale of alcohol and cannabis has been found to be an essential service throughout the pandemic, communities of faith, we can almost certainly be regarded [as] an essential service to the community, have been virtually ignored. Even the casinos have got before us the right to host 250 people,” said the man of the Church.

Cardinal Lacroix has accused the government of letting the believers. “Let me be clear: we do not claim any privilege of the government”, he assured adding that the believers have “the right to be treated with respect and not ignored or relegated to the item VARIA”, in reference to the fact that the places of worship are found in the last row of the plan déconfinement of Quebec.

“Grace, let us breathe! Our proofs are made. For the past four months, we were very good collaborators. Do not abuse our patience and stop ignoring our existence and our sense of responsibility,” quipped Archbishop Lacroix to the attention of the government.

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